Wednesday, October 13, 2010

No Asian Red Ranger for Power Rangers Samurai

This issue has been bothering me ever since we all found out Saban Brands bought the rights to Power Rangers and is adapting Shinkenger. People on YouTube and the PR Forums are complaining about not getting an Asian Red Ranger for PR Samurai. Judgments about this season are already being made because of no Asian Red Ranger.

Why? Why are people suddenly noticing this now instead of past years? I think it's because this year's theme is Samurai and it's heavily influenced in Japanese culture. But why does race matter? Who cares if we don't have an Asian Red Ranger this season? I'm a little bit Spanish from my father's side of the family, and we have yet to see some type Spanish/Latino leader for Power Rangers. You don't see me complaining. I think that people should stop complaining about this issue and just wait until the show to make their judgments.

When Saban Brands started casting calls for the Red Ranger, they were originally looking for a White male in the first place, then it was eventually changed to all races, but by then it was too late because everyone auditioning were White so it was pretty set in stone. It would be nice to have an Asian leader for once but people should be happy with what you get. It's not about what they look like, it's about what they bring to the table. Race doesn't matter, and this issue needs to stop.


  1. well of course race doesn't matter. But the counter argument to that is: there aren't to many asians seen on t.v., so it would be nice to get more positive exposure for asian men. I'm just glad that expanded their auditioning to any race- not just specifically white.

  2. Well concerning the Asian leader, I thought Saban may have wanted one but wasn't able to get one so it's beyond control. Many things happen beyond control which can lead to major shifts in script writing. Anyway, with an Asian mentor, the theme isn't ruined at all since you've got movies in America where an American guy learns karate from an Asian mentor.

    Anyway, I've noticed MANY Asians especially among orientals can be just as racist as the people they hate. Why? I remembered the number of times my mom forbade me from dating Western girls especially whites. If you've tried watching "The Bruce Lee Story", it's even easier to see how Asians can be that racist as well.

  3. Concerning the Asian female, I wish she were cast as the yellow ranger instead. :-P

  4. Sean, exactly. Like, The Karate Kid, it was a White kid learning martial arts. Even in the remake, it was a Black kid. Now, your mom forbade you for dating girls that are White? That sounds a bit racist and prejudiced if you ask me.

    As for an Asian Yellow Ranger, I think we won't ever have that again because of the controversy it caused. But who knows.

  5. @Kingdom Rider-

    You know, I was pretty much a fan of Trini Kwan, she was one energetic martial artist I mean, I even rated her as the toughest female to exist in Power Rangers history. Maybe, Saban was impressed with Thuy Trang's karate that she was picked for the cast and what Saban wanted. People are stupid to cause that controversy about her character, she was really cool and fun to watch how her energetic attitude can outrun the others. She wasn't portrayed in a racist way at all.

    Just a bit racist? No it's VERY racist. I remembered the time I nearly got introduced to a Spanish lady, she was upset about it.

    By the way, I'm a Chinese action movie fan. I've watched many like Jacky Chan, Andy Lau, Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung. Off topic but I'd like to share my other passions... that's why I like Gekiranger.

    By the way, it's always fun to see whites learn eastern fighting styles too. Well that's what I'm expecting from Jayden in Power Rangers Samurai.

  6. why did it matter if the yellow ranger was asian? i've never understood the controversy about it?

  7. i wonder if there will be a female red ranger in any of the power rangers samurai episodes like there in the japanease version?

  8. I know the red ranger he is my brother's friend's cousin he is so cute!

  9. I'm Asian and I'm not really bugged about not having an Asian Red Ranger. I would have been happy to see an Asian guy/girl in the leadership position but I would also be sad because "there goes another Asian who's on TV because they know Martial Arts."

    Over the years we have seen many movies where the white guy knows or learn martial arts then goes to kick a bunch of Asians asses to save his Asian damsel in distress. Asian men are usually portrayed as Gung-Fu masters, gangsters, dorky side kicks, doctors, or the funny guy. In America if they're the main character they never get to kiss the girl. They do get a hug!

    Women are portrayed as sex objects. They are the Suzy Wongs, Dragon ladies, lotus blossoms, damsel in distress, or secret martial arts master. American men find them sexy because they have accents, are exotic,and are seen as submissive with their only purpose to serve the males. American males still think like this and it's almost ridiculous how many times some of my friends get hit on because males hope they are Japanese.

    I think it is too hard for TV shows and movies to change what American viewers are used to because their product will fail with their intended audiences. With the majority of America being white the Power Rangers producers have to think about what will sell their products the best. I'm not trying to be racist but were the Ranger shows as successful in America without the white leader? Turbo(When Tommy left), SPD, Ninja Storm, and RPM. I guess I could count the Alien Red Ranger because he was an Alien but he was shown as the field leader in the American show. I had to look most of those up. But that's what almost 1/4 of the shows where the wasn't a white leader. It's all about money.

    I also think it would be awesome for there to be a female Red Ranger but with the TV show trends of today she would probably be really mean and introverted because she was trying to prove herself as leader or cute and ditsy with one of the other male rangers eventually being promoted to field leader because she couldn't handle the leadership role.

    Sorry for the long post. I didn't realize how much I had typed. I'm also a little groggy so I hope it was understandable.

  10. When will this stop the original most likely do better then a standard American rehash

  11. I think it's ridiculous to have a discussion on which race should be applied to each ranger color. If the red ranger is expected to be a white male for every series, then I guess not much has changed when it comes to racism.

    There should be other races besides caucasian for red ranger roles. If they keep that trend it will only send the wrong message to children, and help continue the racial hierarchy in effect for future generations.

    On the subject of Power Rangers Samurai, I have to say that I'm disappointed. Nothing to do with the race of anyone, but the people they cast as the new rangers.

    Seriously wtf? They all look like Abercrombie models.

    I find it ridiculous and completely unnecessary to have a cast of "perfect" looking people for a power ranger series.

    This level of "visual appeal" was never needed for a KIDS SHOW!, so why is it needed now???

    In my opinion the guy they chose for Red ranger especially, is a joke. His appearance shows absolutely no leadership presence whatsoever.

    What were they thinking when they cast these guys?

  12. who was that kid with mentor ji in the power rangers samurai promo trailer,is it jayden's younger sister or is it jayden when he was little?

  13. It would be cool if Cam from Ninja storm came in one episode and showed them how to be REAL Samurai Rangers. LoL

  14. I think its racsis only because for majority of the years the leader or the "best" ranger is is so damn fustrating.i dont want my kids growing up thinking somone of a different race is pick up off these little things and carry them eith them for a long time

  15. Lemme clear up the explanation for why people are complaining that the Red Ranger is not Japanese. This isn't an issue of simply "We want a different race to be the leader." The whole thing as to why people want an Asian Red Ranger is, well, you said it yourself: the Series is heavily Japanese-cultured. Now, is that alone a good reason? NO. But HERE's what completely justifies why we want an Asian Red Ranger: SAMURAI IS ALMOST COMPLETELY COPYING SHINKENGER. THAT IS THE PROBLEM. Now, if Saban decided to go with an ORIGINAL STORYLINE(which personally I think that would've worked out 10x better than what we have now), THEN sure, depending on how they change the origin story of the Red Ranger, THEN he can be whatever race. But since they decided to copy the Shinkenger storyline HARDCORE, and actually made Jayden apparently related to Samurai Rangers in Japan, herein lies the problem: HE's IN NO WAY JAPANESE-RELATED. NEITHER ARE ANY OF THE OTHER RANGERS, except Mia, and MAYBE Mike & Antonio can pull off the look.

  16. ^^^This. If Ji chose "5 teenagers with attitude" people would be okay with it.
    But the original storyline is race related. So once they said he was of Japanese decent it did matter. Again, if they changed the storyline, race wouldn't matter. but they didn't, so it does matter.

    If a movie was made about the time of slavery and focused on an african slave who was cast as a white guy. There would be outrage.

    So there are times when race don't matter but there are times when they DO matter.

  17. I wouldn't mind if they had another Asain Yellow Ranger. I mean they've had another Black Ranger of African descent, [on Overdrive] and nobody said anything so why not?
    I wouldn't mind seeing an Asain Red Ranger and/or another Asian Yellow Ranger. I am really getting annoyed with seeing blonde Yellow Rangers back to back.

  18. Well, you have to admit that it is odd at least that all over major PR colors have run the gamut so far except for red and pink, and red is the most restricted of all. nearly all red rangers have been played by Anglo looking people.