Monday, March 29, 2010

Some unique evil characteristics in PR Villains (Saban era).


Lord Zedd

Lord Zedd, especially in Season 2, was probably one of the greatest villains in Power Rangers history. Having that motivation of destroying the Power Rangers and taking over the world was one of the best things in PR villainry. Even better, though, Lord Zedd had married Rita Repulsa, the first archenemy of the rangers.

Zedd can easily compare to some of the Super Sentai villains. But if you asked me, he would best compare with Bakkasufundo of Choriki Sentai Ohranger. Who knows? MMPR Season 2 came before Ohranger, could he be an inspiration?


Trakeena, in my opinion, is the best Power Rangers villain in history. She reminded me a lot of Astronema from Power Rangers in Space, but with only a more grim personality and desire to destroy the Power Rangers.

Also, the final battle of Lost Galaxy involving Leo (Red Ranger) and Trakeena can be described in one word, "EPIC." Not to mention the fact that he nearly sacrificed himself for the sake of Terra Venture. Her return in Lightspeed Rescue was also amazing, for she turned out to become the original Dark Beast of KyuuKyuu Sentai GoGoV.


Diabolico is one of the more underappreciated Power Ranger villains, but I'll give him a spot for here.

Not only was he the general of the demons of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, he was nearly the murderer of two of the rangers. If you haven't seen the episode, prepared to be spoiled. But in one episode, they explained the origin of Dana (Pink ranger) and Ryan (Titanium ranger) and how Ryan became a villain. While they were about to fall of a cliff after a car accident, Diabolico emerged from nowhere and kidnapped Ryan. He promised Captain Mitchel he would raise him until his 20th birthday, otherwise he would kill them.

Though afterwards, he continued to remain evil and proved to be an unstoppable foe to the rangers. However, his greatest heroic moment was when he defeated Queen Bansheera and saved Carter's (Red ranger) life from eternal torture.


Ransik recieves the spot of the 2nd most evil PR villain of all time for me. In the year 3000, Ransik had been the most dangerous criminal of that time. He (supposedly) murdered Alex, the orginal Red Time Force ranger, and escaped with a reign of destruction following him.

Ransik continued his rampage onto the past. Having pure hate for humanity and being pleased when the rangers had killed his own friend, Frax. With the last confrontation with the Time Force rangers, his last battle with Wes and Jen would have to be the best fight in Power Ranger history.


You may be asking, "Why is he in this list?" Of course, Frax has got to be up there in one of the greater PR villains. If you want to realize, Ransik and Frax have similarities to other TV show villains.

Ransik- Megatron (from Transformers)

Frax- Starscream (from Transformers)

Of course. Frax had the same sole reason as him for destroying humanity. However, he had somewhat betrayed Ransik and had taken most of the army with him. Frax is the main cause of the final onslaught in the last few episodes of Power Rangers Time Force.
Who is the best of Saban?
Feel free to share your opinions, as long as you don't hate.

Friday, March 26, 2010

A Few Underrated Power Rangers Seasons.

So far, they are in no particular order. However, to promote these awesome Power Rangers series' I have decided to ask the public of their favorites.

The following content of each of the seasons are 90% my opinion. You may have your own reasons of why this Power Ranger season was amazing and are feel free to share it. Just don't attack me, alright? :)


Power Rangers Wild Force

Why it's underrated:

Wild Force is considered decent by the Sentai fandom, but horribly underrated by the everyday Power Rangers fans. Many hated the poor acting, the costumes, the dialogue, etc. But many won't seem to realize the goodness in Power Rangers Wild Force.

Why it deserves more appreciation:

The Sentai fandom was kind enough to give better reviews to Wild Force since it was faithful to the Japanese counterpart, Gaoranger. Wild Force was also the last season to hold the scripts and quality of Saban Entertainment, before Disney would screw everything up.

Keep in mind, too, that Wild Force had Forever Red, possibly the greatest episode in PR history. It's not the only worthwile episode in Wild Force to watch, trust me. :)

Power Rangers S.P.D.

Why it's underrated:

A lot of true Power Rangers fans will be like "OMG DISNEY SUCKS I'M NOT GONNA WATCH DAT!!" Don't get me wrong, Bruce Kalish did a horrid job with much of Disney's work, but Power Rangers SPD will probably the only decent work with the least appreciation. SPD was poorly reviewed by many Power Rangers fans with hatred towards the Kalish seasons, and yet the fail to see the good in such a series.

Why it needs to recieve more credit:

Don't forget that SPD had some similarities to its Sentai counterpart, Dekaranger. The Doggie Kruger of Dekaranger and SPD were very similar, and the same goes with Ban and Jack's personality and recruitment.

SPD was also given some darker sideplots such as Kruger's past with Grumm, and don't forget Sky's deceased father. The acting of SPD may have been cheesy, but unless the Disney haters will stop underrating this season, nobody will ever realize the awesomeness of Kalish's first and only good work.

Power Rangers RPM

Why it's underrated:

I don't really know why I posted this here, lol. But I will tell you it was one of the best-reviewed Power Rangers series' by any Power Ranger fan (except the nostalgic MMPR fanboys). However, even though Judd Lynn wrote this, some of the Sentai fandom complained about the current Sentai airing, Shinkenger, to be much better. They would also whine that RPM wasn't faithful to Go-Onger, had too dark a plot, characters weren't good enough, and the finale was lame.

Why it deserves more appreciation:

RPM was the last PR season and the season that saved the Disney reputation. An amazing storyline, no battelizer, and even better characters saved the series from Kalish's failures. It was simply the best way to end the Power Rangers franchise.

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Why it's underrated:

This is probably one of the most hated series' by the Power Rangers fandom, though decent reviewed by Sentai fans. Power Rangers fans liked arguing with Sentai fans that Lightspeed had a horrible weapon arsenal, lame zords, and the crossovers involving Lightspeed Rescue were terrible.

This is number 1 in my list of the most underrated Power Rangers seasons.

Why it derserves a much better name:

Judd Lynn did an amazing job of creating a new Power Ranger, but it's no ordinary ranger, it's the Titanium Ranger without a Sentai counterpart. Ryan, the Titanium Ranger, also had one of the darkest stories behind any ranger, and gave the Power Rangers a unique name.

Lightspeed Rescue may have been rushed throughout the beginning, but over time a real PR fan will realize the greatness of such a good season. The idea of love, teamwork, will, and motivation are all demonstrated within Judd Lynn's works, but I would say Lightspeed Rescue did it the best.


Questions for me? Leave it here. Please give your opinions as long as you keep it clean and not too aggressive.

But this is only my list, so don't take it too personally. ;)


Monday, March 22, 2010

Well... Time to spread the word!

Soon, it will be almost one week since I opened up this Union. I thought it's about time I add more followers and gather more Power Rangers fans. Thanks to MegaPurple and even myself for contributing greatly to our peace unity.

However, to avoid controversy and flame wars within our union, I've made a specific list of people to invite and/or keep away from. Also, if you can, invite them to make a google account and follow this blog.


- Power Rangers fans

- Super Sentai fans who agree with Power Ranger peace

- Anybody who loves Power Rangers

- Your friends (as long as they're nice!)

- Your family (lol just joking. But if they like Power Rangers than sure, why not?)

Keep away from...

- Super Sentai fanboys

- Power Rangers fanboys who will bash Sentai

Thanks. :)


Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Few Good Things Of The Saban-Levy Arc.

Since you all must know, Sentai fanboys hate every Power Rangers season, but they find the Saban-Lynn era only somewhat decent. They also claim the seasons from Lost Galaxy to Wild Force were the best since they were perhaps most mature and faithful to their Sentai counterparts.

They don't even seem to realize that there are some good things in the first few series' of the franchise. Many see the Levy arc as an annoying fad as its best, but is it really?

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

- A majority of non-Japanese fans will realize without the first Power Rangers season, we wouldn't know about Zyuranger and Super Sentai to begin with.

- MMPR may have been very overrated, but the popularity also inspired Saban and Levy to continue the PR franchise into Judd Lynn's years.

- Tokusatsu's reputation would probably be even worst without MMPR. Due to the failures of Saban's Masked Rider and The Big Bad Beetleborgs, MMPR actually brought Toku into America a success.

Power Rangers Zeo

- Ohranger was definitely not one of the best Sentai's ever. While Zeo proved to be quite decent, it may even prove just as good as Ohranger.

- Zeo kept the Zordon arc strong.

Power Rangers in Space

- Turbo and some elements in MMPR was probably the reason why many Sentai fans hated the Shuki Levy arc. Power Rangers in Space brought new and improved graphics and even an introduction to a new storyline within the Zordon arc.

- In Space led to the golden Judd Lynn era, and it fit in very well with Lost Galaxy.

- In Space was also very good. Not as good as Megaranger, but Megaranger was also not the most popular Sentai out there.


My reasoning may not be powerful enough, but we all have our reasons to show the Sentai fandom MMPR-PRiS was not bad. Besides, without the help of Levy, Lynn would have never taken over as executive of Saban Entertainment.

Hating on Disney and Kalish is JUSTIFIED (unless your talking RPM). But just remember, us Power Rangers fans must have a reason to share that Levy did not do a bad job with making the Power Rangers.

"Stop Super Sentai Severity! Protect the Power!"

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our Purpose

As you all must know, I am a huge fan of both Power Rangers and Super Sentai. I grew up with Power Rangers, however, but I love Sentai too.

Over the past few months, I have seen countless Sentai fanboys (not including Sean Akizuki, my friend) harass and ruin the PR reputation. Of course, Sentai is better than Power Rangers, but that's no reason to flame the show.

I've created my union to unite all Power Rangers fans to defend against the countless number of Sentai fanboys who harass the show. Our goal is to show the Sentai fandom we do not want war with them. The Power will live on forever!!

P.S The reason I used a Sentai picture for this blog will be used to show I am not attacking Super Sentai, even though I am also defending the Power Rangers.