Monday, March 29, 2010

Some unique evil characteristics in PR Villains (Saban era).


Lord Zedd

Lord Zedd, especially in Season 2, was probably one of the greatest villains in Power Rangers history. Having that motivation of destroying the Power Rangers and taking over the world was one of the best things in PR villainry. Even better, though, Lord Zedd had married Rita Repulsa, the first archenemy of the rangers.

Zedd can easily compare to some of the Super Sentai villains. But if you asked me, he would best compare with Bakkasufundo of Choriki Sentai Ohranger. Who knows? MMPR Season 2 came before Ohranger, could he be an inspiration?


Trakeena, in my opinion, is the best Power Rangers villain in history. She reminded me a lot of Astronema from Power Rangers in Space, but with only a more grim personality and desire to destroy the Power Rangers.

Also, the final battle of Lost Galaxy involving Leo (Red Ranger) and Trakeena can be described in one word, "EPIC." Not to mention the fact that he nearly sacrificed himself for the sake of Terra Venture. Her return in Lightspeed Rescue was also amazing, for she turned out to become the original Dark Beast of KyuuKyuu Sentai GoGoV.


Diabolico is one of the more underappreciated Power Ranger villains, but I'll give him a spot for here.

Not only was he the general of the demons of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, he was nearly the murderer of two of the rangers. If you haven't seen the episode, prepared to be spoiled. But in one episode, they explained the origin of Dana (Pink ranger) and Ryan (Titanium ranger) and how Ryan became a villain. While they were about to fall of a cliff after a car accident, Diabolico emerged from nowhere and kidnapped Ryan. He promised Captain Mitchel he would raise him until his 20th birthday, otherwise he would kill them.

Though afterwards, he continued to remain evil and proved to be an unstoppable foe to the rangers. However, his greatest heroic moment was when he defeated Queen Bansheera and saved Carter's (Red ranger) life from eternal torture.


Ransik recieves the spot of the 2nd most evil PR villain of all time for me. In the year 3000, Ransik had been the most dangerous criminal of that time. He (supposedly) murdered Alex, the orginal Red Time Force ranger, and escaped with a reign of destruction following him.

Ransik continued his rampage onto the past. Having pure hate for humanity and being pleased when the rangers had killed his own friend, Frax. With the last confrontation with the Time Force rangers, his last battle with Wes and Jen would have to be the best fight in Power Ranger history.


You may be asking, "Why is he in this list?" Of course, Frax has got to be up there in one of the greater PR villains. If you want to realize, Ransik and Frax have similarities to other TV show villains.

Ransik- Megatron (from Transformers)

Frax- Starscream (from Transformers)

Of course. Frax had the same sole reason as him for destroying humanity. However, he had somewhat betrayed Ransik and had taken most of the army with him. Frax is the main cause of the final onslaught in the last few episodes of Power Rangers Time Force.
Who is the best of Saban?
Feel free to share your opinions, as long as you don't hate.


  1. Trakeena reminded me too much of Queen Hedrian in Denziman, she's in fact a modern version.

    By the way, did you ever forget about Wild Force's crossover with Time Force? That was Ransik's point of redemption.

    Also, I want to include Master Org in the list.

  2. Zedd was really cool when he first appeared (I was never scared of him. I was more scared of Gorma XV). When he got married, it was a mixed bag for me. I thought his relationship with Rita was hilarious and fun to watch. But I was also disappointed that Zedd's kickass character fell apart. So because of that, I'm not going to give Zedd the honor of best Saban villain. Sorry Zedd fans. XD

    I personally thought Trakeena was the most well developed out of these villains. And she was quite deadly too. I say she's the best out of them all. :D

    Diabolico was cool. Though I still pick Trakeena over him. XD

    Ransik was definitely the most evil of the bunch, and was also very cool. Had it not been for Trakeena's character development, I'd say he was the best. But oh well. XD
    And I don't consider his redemption as part of his villainous role. :P

    Frax, I was not very impressed with. To me, he just seemed like a very watered down version of Gien from Timeranger. To the point where I can't really view him as a complete villain. I'll give him points for insanity though. :P

    Master Org..... Well, I'm still confused over why Wild Force is considered a Saban season by fans, when it was made under Disney. So until I get that cleared out of my head, I won't even consider Master Org. XD

  3. Yeah, I was thinking of doing Master Org. Yes, it was a Saban season. I'll add him to my list sooner or later, I just got bored of typing so I left it here where it was. lol

  4. I think Astronema is the best villain ever. From Saban, she is definitely my favorite.

    Astronema obliterated the NASADA compound in the third episode of in Space. She recruited an entire OTHER TEAM OF SUPERHEROES to help her capture the Rangers one episode later and, in doing so, also took over their headquarters and Megazord. She captured Eltar (and thus Zordon!), KO-35, and several other planets, almost had Earth into submission too, until the Space Rangers sacrificed their secret identities. Co-ordinated the forces which captured Trey, Blue Senturion, Phantom Ranger, the Alien Rangers. Managed to destroy two Megazords. She'd go on to nearly blow up the entire city of Angel Grove with an elephant monster knocking over a skyscraper, use another team of superheroes to destroy both the Power Rangers and Dark Specter (without his knowledge), and, in the end, become the Queen of the Universe.

    I would say Divatox, surprisingly, is one of the most successful villains ever. She destroyed the Turbo and Rescue Megazords, Power Chamber, and even the Turbo Rangers' powers. She would've probably forced earth's governments into submission if Dark Specter hadn't called her away.

    I agree with everything else. I hope you do Disney next! :)

  5. Yeah MP, I would list Astronema here, but I thought Trakeena was pretty much the same but only more evil.

    As for Divatox, she'd be listed down as the strongest PR villain but not the best. Simply because of her horrible personality and her desire to destroy the rangers wasn't as good as the other villains.

  6. Anyway to say that no PR acting is good isn't good. I mean Trakeena was well portrayed and so was Ransik.

  7. Wild Force was not a Saban season. It was Disney. But it was the last season to be made by MMPR Productions, before the shows were made in New Zealand starting with Ninja Storm. I suppose fans mean to call the first 10 seasons the "MMPR Productions Era"? Which is why they would include Wild Force? If so, then I understand. And that saying "Saban Era" sounds better.

  8. Anyway I could encourage you for this- start making a list of the most overrated rangers in PR history.

    My list would be Jason, Tommy, Kimberly and Trini for a start.

  9. I kind of thought that Lord Zedd and Rita had the best chemistry on Power Rangers ever. I mean, it was touching that even when the antidote was gone, Lord Zedd still loved Rita and they pulled through the most tough times together.

  10. Lord Zedd may have mellowed down after he married Rita but that doesn't mean he got less dangerous. Think about it with the following schemes they had together:

    1.) A clone of Tommy which nearly spelled the end of the rangers which was involved in time travel
    2.) Kimberly Hart's near death and the Power Rangers forced to use the Shogunzords
    3.) Not to mention, they both destroyed the Power Coins and later the Command Center