Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Few Good Things Of The Saban-Levy Arc.

Since you all must know, Sentai fanboys hate every Power Rangers season, but they find the Saban-Lynn era only somewhat decent. They also claim the seasons from Lost Galaxy to Wild Force were the best since they were perhaps most mature and faithful to their Sentai counterparts.

They don't even seem to realize that there are some good things in the first few series' of the franchise. Many see the Levy arc as an annoying fad as its best, but is it really?

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

- A majority of non-Japanese fans will realize without the first Power Rangers season, we wouldn't know about Zyuranger and Super Sentai to begin with.

- MMPR may have been very overrated, but the popularity also inspired Saban and Levy to continue the PR franchise into Judd Lynn's years.

- Tokusatsu's reputation would probably be even worst without MMPR. Due to the failures of Saban's Masked Rider and The Big Bad Beetleborgs, MMPR actually brought Toku into America a success.

Power Rangers Zeo

- Ohranger was definitely not one of the best Sentai's ever. While Zeo proved to be quite decent, it may even prove just as good as Ohranger.

- Zeo kept the Zordon arc strong.

Power Rangers in Space

- Turbo and some elements in MMPR was probably the reason why many Sentai fans hated the Shuki Levy arc. Power Rangers in Space brought new and improved graphics and even an introduction to a new storyline within the Zordon arc.

- In Space led to the golden Judd Lynn era, and it fit in very well with Lost Galaxy.

- In Space was also very good. Not as good as Megaranger, but Megaranger was also not the most popular Sentai out there.


My reasoning may not be powerful enough, but we all have our reasons to show the Sentai fandom MMPR-PRiS was not bad. Besides, without the help of Levy, Lynn would have never taken over as executive of Saban Entertainment.

Hating on Disney and Kalish is JUSTIFIED (unless your talking RPM). But just remember, us Power Rangers fans must have a reason to share that Levy did not do a bad job with making the Power Rangers.

"Stop Super Sentai Severity! Protect the Power!"


  1. Don't forget that the Saban-Levy Arc actually had the originality Power Rangers never usually shows.

    Also, I just love the fact that those Sentai fans love LG-WF, yet they complain Power Rangers is unoriginal. The "carbon copied" versions of Sentai are getting old. Even if they are good ones. I want to see something new, not the same thing only translated!

    Let me just add on that the Sentai fans dislike in Space and RPM, which was also written by their beloved Judd Lynn. And a few episodes of Jungle Fury, which made it more watchable.

  2. I kind of reconsider my stand after reading this. The thing is I would also like to say that it seems Saban has the habit of making Asians and blacks the "extraordinary ones" in the group, take for example Thuy Trang does more of her own stunts than the rest.

    MMPR for me was memorable until too many changes took place. It's too bad Saban didn't end MMPR as he intended to.

    I used to lash at Power Rangers because of the failed adaptations of other Toku like Masked Rider and VR Troopers. But Beetleborgs was kind of decent even for a comical show.

    Anyway, I really say Lost Galaxy wasn't even much of a carbon copy of Gingaman because I felt it was inspired by Changeman in some ways at the basic area.

    I was kind of thinking whether or not an American adaptation of Goseiger will resurrect Zordon. LOL.

    Anyway, do you know what Saban is doing lately?

  3. I think you should do a little bit about the color arrangement of your blog. You don't need to publish this. Just a suggestion.

  4. To me, I think MMPR was more of a nostalgic acid trip. But definitely a fun one that shouldn't get old. And plenty of classic eps because of that. The Green Ranger arc, Lord Zedd's introduction, White Ranger arc, Ninja Quest, and Different Shade of Pink. Though I still say the quality is one of the lowest. XD
    I don't really care too much for the impacts it leaves. Yes, it was important. But I still don't care much for it's story. I kind of feel the same towards Goranger. Even though it was the Sentai that started it all.

    Zeo was when the writing got decent. And it still had the memorable characters. Jason returning was probably the best thing about this season. Like MMPR before it, Zeo's strengths also tend to rely on nostalgia. But not nearly as much. It's a pretty fun season. Though the fight scenes kind of bother me due to the splicing of footage. :P
    Unfortunately, there was no ending. So the overall season didn't really have much of a full circle feel to it. I think Ohranger was a lot better.

    Space was great due to it using it's own original motifs, completely fleshed out characters, etc.

  5. I kind of thought that Power Rangers in Space reminded me more of Changeman than Megaranger in the basic areas. Why? Well, Power Rangers in Space was kind of a space theme than computer theme so I can't help but sing the Changeman tune to it. In fact, Dark Specter just kept reminding me of Bazoo the Living Planet from Changeman too.

  6. Ha. Sentai fans are just bitter weeaboos who refuse to except anything that isn't Japanese as worth their time, and are a full generation or more younger than the 90's kids that made Power Rangers what it is. So, they missed the oppurtunity to actually like Power Rangers, since all they are now is sentai clones.

    I mean, when it comes to whatever came after lost galaxy, the sentai shut-ins are absolutely right: Power Rangers is a scam and Sentai is the real deal. But when they diss the core of what made Power Rangers what it is, when the show was something DIFFERENT from the original sentai show, usually better, the criticism is coming specifically from ignorance and (ironically) xenophobia rather than objectivity.

    But, for real though? The zords in Megaranger were based on space exploration. What the crap does that have to with video games?