Tuesday, August 3, 2010

DancingAlienDude Announces Retirement from the Power Rangers Union.

It's that time now... Soon my AP classes this year will eat up my entire life and I'll have less and less time to spend on this blog. I'm now planning on leaving the Union in the hands of one of my three friends and followers who made my Blogger experience a great one. Special thanks to Sean, Kingdom Rider, and Fantasy Leader.

If you'd like to know why I've decided to quit? It all started 2 years ago when I had been introduced the the amazing world of Japanese Tokusatsu. My first Super Sentai ever being KyuKyu GoGoV, and I've been very fascinated with such action and sci-fi thrill. I began watching many other Sentai series' and I got the very same thrill just like the first one I had seen.

However, I had regret watching my favorite kids TV show, the Power Rangers. Eventually a small war within me had raged, whether I would choose Super Sentai or Power Rangers. At that point I decided not to choose, and created this blog. I didn't realize it didn't become the success I had hoped for, but it appears I won't see that day when this blog finally catches the hearts and minds of every Toku fan in the world who are at war with the Power Rangers.

Since I had too much on my shoulders, recently. I had to deeply shorten my time in watching Toku, Anime, and lots of other stuff I like. Soon I'm gonna re-enter that stage in less than a month, and sadly I can maintain the blog for perhaps forever.

The good news, however. I do have some little interest left in watching the next Shinkenger adaptation in production by Saban. Hopefully, it will bring my interest in Toku back up and strong. I am rather looking forward to what Saban will be doing with my first Sentai.

It's about time I move on with my life. I loved Power Rangers and Super Sentai for a short time, and it has even taught me a few good things I could use in real life, too. Once again, to the hundreds of Toku fans who supported this blog, thanks for helping make my Blogger experience an amazing time. I hope the new administrator of this Union will continue to prosper in making peace between Sentai and PR.

I ask everyone who vistis this blog for the next few days to vote who you think will be best to represent the Power Rangers Union. However, the last poll seemed a little rigged since I realized many Sentai fans had come onto this blog. It's not a popularity vote and neither am I choosing a favorite, so please be considerate and honest.

For these next few days, I'm going to do some last-minute renovating to the blog. Other than that though... Goodbye, everybody. Thanks for everything these few months. :)

For Sean, Kingdom Rider, and Fantasy Leader:

Please try to find a time with me to visit the following
chat room. As for Sean, you may need to end up getting up early in the morning for this special meeting.


  1. Please don't go. I honestly think you should stay. School's gonna be eating up my time as well but I'm still gonna try to make it on here every once in a while.

    But again, it's your choice...even though I, and probably Sean and Fantasy Leader, want you to stay with us. =/

  2. Sixth grade's eating up my time too! Honestly, DancingAlienDude probably needed a break anyway.