Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kingdom Rider is the new Administrator of the Power Rangers Union!

That's right, everyone. I've known him the longest and I know how truthful he is of a Power Rangers fan and Super Sentai fan. I hadn't logged on to Blogger for a long time because it was extremely difficult to decide which one of my authors would make the best author. I thought about Fantasy Leader's courtesy, Sean's vast knowledge of Super Sentai, but between the 3 of them, I thought that Kingdom Rider would make the best leader in this Union.

I looked at every Power Rangers and Super Sentai fan, I knew Kingdom Rider was the most passionate in stopping the war between the two franchises. Sean and Fantasy Leader, thanks for being great supporters of this blog. I have equal respect among the 3 of you, and I'm hoping you 3 will continue our work.

Kingdom Rider, feel free to do with whatever you wish with the blog. I know you didn't want to be the leader of this, but you're the one I trusted the most. Edit whatever you want and lead every Toku fan to peace. I'm passing the torch on now and forever.

Farewell everybody, be sure to keep in contact. :)


(I'll edit anything in this blog if I gotta add stuff and all... Before I leave, I need to confirm if he really wants to or not.)


  1. Anonymous, that was uncalled for. Fantasy Leader and Sean are just as good as me. Plus, they are still author's on this blog, only now I'll just be doing the design and such. They post more than I do anyway.

    But anyways, even though I said I really didn't want this, I guess I can make something of it. Still, it's a shame that you must leave us like this. T_T

  2. We should probably delete those comments before a flame war begins. After all, you're in charge now. :P