Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cultural Bias is a Problem with Fanboys

The thing is whether it be Sentai or Power Rangers, cultural biases do occur after all. Why? The thing is Power Rangers is American and Super Sentai is Japanese. This of course creates dumb comments like "My series is better because it's from my country." That of course is a major source of quarrels. Here are some of the common examples of culturally biased comments:
  • Sentai is so (censored) with all the Japanese stuff like karaoke night music, weird facial expressions (then again as if PR doesn't have it) and that American stuff is SO MUCH better because it's American.
  • Sentai is so much better than stupid white stuff. PR's music is horrible with all that loopy music. Asian stuff is SO MUCH better because it's Asian.
That's just STUPID isn't it?! The thing is Power Rangers isn't multiracial just for the sake of the script. IMO it's to promote cultural unity in a culturally diverse country like America. That's why in my PR Sword Dynasty fan-fiction, I even had to do what I believe can't be done in actual- an Asian red ranger.

What is most ignored are the following:
  • Toei allowed Saban to franchise Power Rangers. Power Rangers is still owned by Toei and they can choose to revoke the rights to further produce the shows.
  • Without Super Sentai, there won't be Power Rangers.
  • Cultural biases are a major source of quarrels plus it's going to hurt families who are happily married despite the fact that one's Asian, the other's American in origin. Also it's going to hurt half-breed children in the process. I've heard that there's already a good amount of Asian-American marriages in America already.


  1. I think generally for most but not all Power Ranger fans, the culture difference in Sentai isn't really a problem because many Power Ranger fans are also anime fans. But there are still some Power Ranger fans who do refuse to watch Sentai because its Japanese or they've already "seen the American version," which is both because of culture bias and closed mindedness.

  2. @Mr. Smith-

    Yup I agree. Cultural bias can be deadly.

    I kind of thought about it, an Asian girl doesn't mean she's not hot (although I'm more attracted to oriental girls than any kind of Asian girls especially those from Taiwan and China) and an American girl doesn't mean she's hot. I've done an observation- there are ugly American girls and pretty Asian girls although between a pretty Asian girl and a pretty American girl, I'm more attracted to a pretty American girl, that's why I made a Chinese guy-American girl pairing in the Sword Dynasty fan-fiction.

    If you ask me though, some PR-Sentai fans poke fun at cartoons in general because animation isn't as great as live shows.

  3. Shinkenger produced a lot of cultural bias like that. On The Top Tens, they were so racist I told them they were.