Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Poll Results from the Power Rangers and Sentai fandom!

Out of 25 votes, Power Rangers fans voted for Operation Overdrive to be better with:

-Better acting 15 votes
-Better script 19 votes
-More episodes in detail 13 votes
-Faithfulness to Boukenger 6 votes
-Less of the corny humor 17 votes
-Better team-up 15 votes

Overall, I agree Operation Overdrive was a bad series. If only Kalish and Tzachor would put just the slightest amound of effort into the series, the reviews by both Sentai fans and PR fans would be a lot better.

31 fans voted the 90's Sentai had the best leaders in comparison to Power Rangers' with 13 votes. 9 went with 00's Sentai, 8 for 80's Sentai, and 1 for the 70's Sentai. I do agree the 90's Sentai had perhaps one of the best, though the 00's were very memorable, too.

Out of 31 voters, 18 had voted Power Rangers SPD had been the best of the Kalish seasons. Mystic Force recieved 3, Operation Overdrive with 2, and it left Jungle Fury with 8 votes.

That being said, SPD had perhaps been the only half-decent of Kalish's seasons. And also one of the acceptable Disney seasons, I wouldn't say it's half-bad.
My last announcement for now. Possibly forever.
I must speak with the 3 moderators of this blog, Sean, Kingdom Rider, and Fantasy Leader. I plan on retiring from the Power Rangers Union, soon. I will explain why in a conference.
Please find a time to contact me on Yahoo Messenger. All 4 of us must be online.


  1. I voted for all of the above for that Overdrive poll. XD

    For the Sentai leaders, I voted 90s had the best. And for Kalish's best season, I voted Jungle Fury, surprising as that sounds.

    BAD! You are not allowed to leave us! I say so! XD Just kidding. Wells, I'm on from the hours of 12pm-3am EST. So whenever will do I guess.

  2. @DancingAlienDude- Office work is definitely something on me. Besides, living in the Philippines means I have a different time zone. Anyway, feel free to email me anytime.

  3. I don't think that'll work out too well. Fantasy Leader has a special link he will send you hopefully sometime.

    A private chatroom where we can all go online at once. (P.S I know the time zone of Philippines, you'll be the one needing to go online early.)

  4. Well here's an idea, why don't you just all email us the same thing on why you want to retire and such? Since this seems like it's going to be difficult. Or why not make a post about it or something?

  5. The problem is, I need to nominate one of you as the new Admin author.

  6. Well nominate the other two, not me! I'm not cut for it! XD

  7. Or better yet, you could do a poll like you did the last time.

    Also, I would like to know why you are leaving us on short notice. Lol

  8. you know, if you find the link on henshin grid that says "c-bass's power blog" then that is my blog and you will also find my description for how operation overdrive could be improved, be sure to read it and leave a comment.