Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why I Think the Disney Seasons Were Berated Badly

The fact is the Disney-PR era was deemed to be really bad and Saban's era was better. So let's get down what I think caused it:

When Bruce Kalish took over, there was PLENTY of bad writing. Operation Overdrive stands out for this. Scripts were that short. The only respectable series was SPD.

Starting with Ninja Storm, there were a good number of overacting girls. They were really ruining the whole show. Overacting cast members ruin a good show, the higher the overacting, the more damage done to a script. Bad writing and overacting made it worse. I agree with DancingAlienDude in comparing Disney and Nickelodeon acting. I have to admit that overacting existed in Saban's era of PR or Super Sentai but it wasn't this bad IMO.

During this era, I felt many of the characters lacked development. Take Hoji and Sky for example. Hoji revealed more of plus and minus points than Sky for me IMO. Why? Well Sky as great as he is as an officer with a cocky attitude at the start, his character didn't show much development for some time and just shifts too fast. Hoji was shown to have more personality from the good points (the you're all more important than me personality) to the bad points (like his being cocky and overconfident at times), which makes him more developed for a character as well as some of the tragic incidents in his add drama which shape him up.

I think it has to do with the wasteful way of running things. Just imagine that Tetsu was a real guy, in SPD the Omega Ranger was just a ball of light because they could not hire another actor from too many explosions.


  1. I don't think overracting was a problem. The problems were, as you mentioned Bruce Kalish's poor writing, and also the special effects used by Disney. It also didn't help that the series was seriously watered down to appeal to little kids, with the exception being RPM.

  2. Excuse me but Hoji didn't lighten up as much as Sky did. So how can you suggest that he had more personality. From what I read, Hoji never lightened up while Sky did. So how coudl yo uchoose that Dekaranger over his SPD counterpart? I favor Sky over Hoji as I can relate to him better. Besides, I can't stand people dumpin' on him.

  3. But you know? There's one thing that I agree with you in in this blog: your dislike for overactive girls in Power Rangers Ninja Storm. If you ask me, I can't stand their attitudes just as I can't stand their stereotypical and excessive informalities of the Ninja Storm Rangers, although I like Cam's usual personality more than his teammates since he was the smartest and most serious of them.