Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sentai Seasons I Think That Has Some Saban-PR Nostalgic Moments

The fact that DancingAlienDude had opened up his opinion on that he agrees that newer Sentai characters bring to him MMPR thoughts, I think I'll write the seasons of which I think really brings much Saban era thoughts.

Here are the specific seasons:

The first season that reminded me of some MMPR's personalities was this season. Which characters? Hoji reminds me of Jason in terms of leadershio, Jasmine reminds me of Trini in terms of her being a very unique female fighter and Tetsu reminds me of Tommy plus his friendship with Hoji is like Jason and Tommy IMO. Why Hoji reminds me of Jason? Both can be tough but are really nice guys even in the much earlier episodes.

Boukenger was another season of Super Sentai that had some Saban era nostalgia. In what way? IMO Satoru reminds me of Tommy, Souta reminds me of Billy being the team genius, Sakura reminds me of Kimberly in some ways especially how she interacts with Satoru. For post MMPR I think Natsuki's being the unique one reminds me of Maya in Lost Galaxy and Professor Morio Makino reminds me of Professor Phenomenus for being wacky.

Also let's not forget Mr. Voice may remind some of Zordon although he's just a computer program maintained by Leona Giordana, the last descendant of Leon Giordana known alive because he is the head of the "command center". Oh yeah does Zubaan remind anybody of some Sentai/PR series characters like Auric/Gunmajin from Ohranger/Zeo? Talk about double nostalgia!

Shinkenger well... IMO Takeru is kind of like Tommy and Ryunosuke is like Jason in complementing each other and Mako is like Kimberly. Also the fact that Shinkenger had a crossover with Decade should remind some of the MMPR episodes "A Friend in Need".

And as of current Goseiger since they have Master Head who reminds me of Zordon and Datas reminds me of Alpha Five. Also Moune being yellow and having a tiger insignia reminds me of Trini Kwan but she won't stand a chance against her though. I even think Professor Amachi is like Professor Phenomenus in terms of being wacky.


  1. Jasmine does kind of resemble Trini but to me she reminds me more of Cassie from Turbo/In Space. Specifically because both of them always wanted to help others and Episode 27 of Deka reminds me a lot of Episode 10 of In Space.

    I also think Ban is closer to Jason than Hoji is because Jason was kind of a fiery leader, though not as fiery as Ban was.

    Also, the daggers that the Go-On Wings had remind me a lot of the Draggon Dagger that the Green Ranger had in MMPR/Zyuranger.

  2. @Mr. Smith- However Jason was a very professional guy like Hoji was. Ban on the other hand was kind of rash, even more rash than Tommy was.