Sunday, July 11, 2010

Many Fanboys Whether PR or Sentai Can Get Annoying

I used Tanba's picture to illustrate this point, can't think of a PR character for this

This is just the plain truth. Fanboys can get annoying because of the following reasons I've experienced:
  • Their fierce loyalty can also cause them to mock the other franchise like how Tanba mocks Takeru and Genta in Shinkenger.
  • They openly bash the other franchise in a very degrading manner. I've experienced that.
  • If that is not all, cultural biases can come in as well. I've read how PR fans make degrading comments about Super Sentai and vice-versa. It's just like "It's Japanese, ugh." or "It's American, ugh." There has also been some racist attacks against Asians done by some white Americans and vice-versa. Just try watching "The Bruce Lee Story" to see what I mean.

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