Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cole Evans in Wild Force is My Favorite PR Red Ranger

Just for some reason, this guy Cole Evans is actually my favorite red ranger in Power Rangers all in all.

So I kind of thought that he's somewhat more interesting than Kakeru Shishi of Gaoranger (well I like both shows actually). Why? Well unlike the other rangers, his storyline of being out of civilization for too long (like Tarzan) to the point he actually and quickly learns to read and write is just something. Honestly speaking, it can't get cooler than that- just imagine- from a jungle boy (and presumably a barbarian) to learning to read and write without enrolling in school because of his connection with nature. I assume he must be a lot stronger than the rest even when out of suit, seeing he has the biggest muscles in the group.

So I kind of thought that how he joined into civilization yet never lost his out-of-suit powers keeps him going. So he was just a rookie- yeah. However he would end up leading a group of people who were raised differently than he was, something a little more interesting than Kakeru Shishi of Gaoranger being a vet. I think that his jungle boy setting makes him more appropriate to lead the Gaorangers. But amazingly unlike the jungle boy Kamen Rider Amazon, he doesn't use much unorthodox fighting tactics.

It turns out to be he also has an interesting backstory with the current Master Org (who turns out to be a human named Viktor Adler) especially when he sought to find his parents whom he later found out was murdered. Although he was angered by it and he was raised as a native, he didn't give in to revenge especially during that awesome battle he had with Master Org. However what he didn't expect that soon enough, that Viktor Adler would become a real Org which soon left him disturbed that somebody who was once a man has become an Org.

Eventually towards the finale, he displays some of his rather bad-ass moves out of suit when the Gaorangers run out of power, going shirtless for the ladies and rescuing somebody as well as doing what is probably the most dangerous move in Power Rangers history- he attempted to attack a giant Master Org (in the final form) by a vine swing, which he survived proving he may have superhuman strength out of suit. Towards the end, he went out to help animals but I'm glad that the writers didn't decide to make him a vet because otherwise, it would mean he needs to go back to school.


  1. Dude, Cole is cool, but the guy who plays him in real life, Ricardo Medina Jr is a total jerk. He was on this reality show called "Kept" where he competed for the love of Jerry Hall (Mick Jagger's ex-wife). Anyway, he was a jerk to many of the castmates, and alienated them. He got eliminated after doing a striptease dance. But Cole is cool, but the guy who played him is far from the Ranger type. I don't really have a favorite red ranger, but my favorite red sentai is either Spade Ace, Red Flash, MegaRed, and Ban-chan, and Geki-red. I like them because they are unconventional.

  2. @Marielle- Wow that's something...

  3. Yeah, sorry if it's too much. But the actor and the character are two different people, so Cole can still be your favorite red ranger : - ) .

  4. @Marielle- By the way, please do check my Sentai blog too. :-)

    Sean Akizuki's Super Sentai Blog

  5. @Sean I've been to your Sentai blog. Very good. My favorite this is the pictures of the actors after Sentai. Ako-chan aged nicely. I'm kind of a secret Sentai fan. I only tell my close friends and then show them the cool stuff.