Sunday, July 4, 2010

The pros and cons of each Disney season

Hello everyone! KingdomRider here doing my first post on the Power Rangers Union blog! My first post is about the pros and cons of each Disney season. Not all are bad. Bear in mind this is completely a subjective. But this is what I feel anyway. In order from the best till worst. Can I make it clear this is NOT the order of which seasons I PREFER MYSELF, it's the order I feel the production and show quality was best.

1) RPM

Pros: It was dark, yet light-hearted. Serious, yet funny. All in a good way. The actors played their parts really well, and the jokes all come in at perfect times, and none of them seem really out of character. The story went to where no other season has done before: The bad guy had won, and the good guys are simply trying to defend the last bastion of humanity. This is a season I couldn't recommend highly enough, just all around good stuff.

Cons: At times, it just feels like a 30 minute toy commercial.

2) Dino Thunder

Pros: It helped restore continuity, exploring a true account of a past forgetful and childish ranger, having had a long absence, coming back as someone much more maturer, to guide Disney rangers in the right direction. It was a season where they were on top of things, with characters that were likable. It felt like it was a revamped version of MMPR, and I enjoyed it way better.

Cons: Overrated by too many people BECAUSE of that return, but then in that case (because most of the appreciation is JUST for that return and not for the content of the season ITSELF) it's not a true con for the season's run.

3) SPD

Pros: AMAZING dynamic between the cast. Possibly the best inter-group dynamic we've ever had. Again, the story was well thought out in places.

Cons: The way they handled Sam was handled extremely poorly, but even the producer admitted that. The theme (in this case, police) might not warm to everyone.

4) Ninja Storm

Pros: Such an upbeat and charismatic feel, but still felt natural and not forced. Amazing characters.

Cons: The whole "dude" and "extreme sports" thing got a bit tired after a while.

5) Mystic Force

Pros: Well, the story, the twists, alot of it is well thought out.

Cons: People criticize it because it focused too much on Nick, in comparison to the others. I was bothered by this, just a little bit. But I guess my criticism of it was that (like SPD) the whole magic theme might not be to everyone's taste.

6) Jungle Fury

Pros: The series had some great characters and a good story. The theme was really cool, the suits were new and different, and the complete fanboy ideas of it linking with Ninja Storm by the schools just elated me.

Cons: Because of the writer strike, things felt kinda rushed. Things appearing one minute, then not important the next.

7) Operation Overdrive

Pros: It, er...made you appreciate the existence of every other season, ever?

Cons: It had so much potential, but bad acting, and general half arsed effort, made it a failure. Operation Overdrive is probably one of the seasons that sounded cool, on paper.

I realized that I missed Wild Force since it is considered a Disney season. I, however, still consider it a Saban season since it was still under Saban's production. I may go over Saban's next, or if someone else wants to they can?


  1. For SPD, I don't think the Police mottif was a con. Rather, it was some of the story writing such as the Omega Ranger as you mentioned, and the A-Squad. I mean, becoming evil because they wanted to be "on the winning side," come-on. It would be better if it was something like money and power.

  2. my opinions
    Jungle Fury
    cons-the spirit rangers were not necessary,they could have spent the money on battleizer and team ups.
    pros-making masters human,as compared to japanese,i think stuffed animals are not well for a action based show.


    cons-dr.k's and gem and gemma's childish behaviour sucked,u don't need to be childish to make googly eyed zords,remember the episode where venjix's doomsday weapon was encoded with whale DNA to make it whale zord (sorry if the name of the zord is wrong),they could have explained that the reasons the zords had eyes were because they were encoded with animal DNA s.
    pros- venjix was a good villain,sort of like evil version of zordon,who stayed in one place and just ordered his co-workers in zordon's case alpha and rangers,in venjix tenaya and kilobyte,etc.Ziggy was the funniest ranger ever,he was sorta like bridge without scientific knowledge. Dillion was also great,flyn's accent was great,red ranger was also great constantly arguing with his father to gain his respect,and how yellow ranger turned from spoilt girl to strong and independent woman.being different from japanese story.

    dino thunder

    pros-it was great the returning of tommy,all the rangers were great,villians mainly zeltrax and mezagog were great.
    cons-nothing i can think of,maybe the annoying too much make up reporter girl,i hated that girl.

    pros-personally spd was great,doggie cruger looked better then his japenese manx too looked better than jap counterpart,the police stuff was great unlike what you said,rangers were also great,the whole sci-fi stuff like wormhole,space,technologies aliens,etc was also great.
    sam being a ball of light like you said.

    mystic force

    every thing you said is true.i did not enjoy it that much.

    Operation Overdrive

    pros- sentinel knight,treasure hunting motif,a multi billionaire makes ranger technologies.flurious looking better than japanese counterpart with triangular head(if the jap has flurious like mode then sorry)

    cons-mac being a cyborg was a great idea but do we have robots as flexible as mac in the
    presenet day,being something out of time sucks.thrax being the son of rita and zedd how could he grow so fast,they never explained it in detail.

    ninja storm-
    pros and cons-i don't know what to say,motocross and all were great,but they did not have to make everybody sporty,everybody should have had different hobbies.sensai becoming guinea pig wtf?it having cyorg version again wtf?

  3. Mystic Force was the best season after MMPR and the most original....