Friday, July 16, 2010

Will Power Rangers Be in Good Hands with Nickelodeon?

The fact that Saban is currently affiliated with Nickelodeon aside from Toei, things may get into better hands. Why? Well here are some of my good reasons:

I find the humor in Nickelodeon somewhat compatible with East and West. Well since Power Rangers is meant to be lighthearted compared to Sentai, I think Saban has new room for fresh humor he can learn from Carranger and Go-onger but of course, minus the perversity. I don't know why but I wish Saban will get an Oriental red ranger (once and only once, hee hee) and maybe make his original monster out of Nickelodeon's greatest idiotic cartoon characters for a special episode.

I think there's quite of potential among Nickelodeon's cast even if some of them still need to improve in their acting. IMO I like Nickelodeon's cast members better than Disney's current cast. In fact, not only good-looking but quite more professional. The only thing I don't like about Nickelodeon is the slime thing. At least if anybody gets to become a spoiled brat in the script, only the character not the celebrity will annoy us.

By the way check my fan-fiction out:

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  1. Nickelodeon has WAY better acting than Disney. I agree.

    Plus, Nick has better shows. Spongebob, Fairly Odd Parents, iCarly, are all way better than stuff Disney has. I'd say Nick will handle PR better than Disney ever will.

  2. @DancingAlienDude- You know, every time I think of Nickelodeon I hope they'll give Saban permission to turn any of the villains in their shows to become monsters for any special episode. Hee hee.

  3. I think Nick will be better for Power Rangers. They never really had a live action boys property in years. Last live action show for boys we've had before The Troop was Drake and Josh I think? They really only had live action girl properties, like iCarly, True Jackson VP, Zoey 101, Victorious, and Big Time Rush(?). It seems like the animated series are more of boys however.

    Nickelodeon advertises A LOT for their shows. Have you seen the ratings for the "movies" for iCarly? Even though their just regular episodes? The ratings will be good, I can just see it now.

    After discussing this, I think I'm gonna go watch Drake and Josh and Zoey 101 now. I miss those shows. XD

  4. sorry to disappoint, but, as i am in 2013 and have seen the last 3 seasons, I can safely say that, if any thing, the switch to nick has hurt the PR franchise.