Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Passion of the Chip - Man vs Sentai

Judd 'Chip' Lynn was the head writer on Power Rangers from Turbo all the way to Time Force. He's actually been a writer for the series since MMPR, as well as wrote some episodes for Jungle Fury and became Executive Producer for the second half of RPM. This little read is about what had happened behind the scenes with Chip and Tzachor during the time Chip had worked...and a reason why I strongly dislike Tzachor. It's pretty interesting, actually. It reveals some things we never learned and cool things Chip had planned for PRiS-PRTF.

The Passion of the Chip - Man vs Sentai

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  1. Hahaha. Sorry, but I have to laugh a bit. Poor Lynn.

    But man, Tzachor really did hurt Lynn's seasons quite a bit. The seasons were good, no doubt about that. But this shows the potential of them being much better.

    But seriously! That's just not fair at all. Tzachor should come up with his own ideas that can help the writer! Instead, he rips off other people's ideas from Sentai, and forces Lynn to work with it! You can easily tell that the two weren't working very well together. Not good at all. I think Lynn deserves extra credit for sticking to Power Rangers for so long and making his seasons good, while having to put up with all this.

    We haven't seen Tzachor work on PR since Wild Force. And we can see how Wild Force turned out. A cheap carbon copy of Gaoranger with a bunch of random bad writers. Will Tzachor learn his lesson by now? It's been nearly a decade now. I wonder who will be the next writer for PR?