Monday, July 5, 2010

MMPR Fans Underrating Zyuranger? (Plus and impportant announcement to admins)

I'd like to congratulate Sean, one of our newest vice-leaders, for his excellent activity in the blog. Hopefully he will continue his streak and support Sentai/PR peace.

Zyuranger happens to be a good, though not terrific Sentai. Often compared with its counterpart, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, can go way out of hand.

First, MMPR fans probably looked at the not-as-memorable cast of Zyuranger. Comparing Tommy, the Green Ranger, to Burai, Dragon Ranger, we can obviously say Tommy is the more popular ranger. But not because of the fact MMPR was more popular, but rangers in that show such as Jason and Tommy have made the show very memorable. Zyuranger had a good cast, but sadly they're not very appreciated..

Another reason could be that MMPR was more inspirational than Zyuranger. A lot of Power Rangers fans who watched Zyuranger claim that the series just ended out of nowhere. It didn't continue on or pave the road for any future Sentais. While MMPR happened to do those things, Zyuranger means more to Sentai than any PR fanboy can realize it.

Also note the obvious reasons why they will dislike Zyuranger, such as:

- "Zyuranger is too short compared to MMPR."

- "MMPR is in English and more popular."

- "I grew up with MMPR, I don't plan on watching Zyuranger."


TO ADMINS ONLY:: Sean, FL, and KR, I need to have an important conversation with you sometime discussing future activities and issues in this blog. May I ask for your Yahoo IDs sometime? Me and Fantasy Leader use Yahoo Messenger and we must have some kind of group meeting to discuss this union.

I also have another totally different issue to speak with you three about. Please find a time all four of us can speak on Y!IM.


  1. Wow, those are some pretty idiotic reasons to underrate Zyuranger. But I don't think I've ever seen a Power Ranger fan underrate Zyuranger compared to MMPR.

    My Yahoo ID is the same as the email I gave to you: smedina50. But wouldn't this rather be difficult? Since we all live in different time zones (at least I think we do)? Lol

  2. I live in New Hampshire in the United States. I come onto my Yahoo account after I get back from work. Which is around 8:30 in the evening.

  3. I live in New Hampshire in the United States. I come onto Yahoo after work, which is around 8:30 in the evening for me.

  4. I actually think its the opposite, where MMPR fans and other PR fans overrate Zyuranger. Why? Well to start off, because its the equivalent of MMPR S1 (the original), many PR fans give it too much praise, and most of the people who do haven't even seen Zyuranger in its entirity.

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