Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Music in Super Sentai and Power Rangers

The fact is sad but true but Sentai fanboys and Power Rangers fanboys tend to fight over the music of their respective favorite franchises. Let's take a look at how the battle begins:

Sentai fan says: Power Rangers has all the loopy music. Super Sentai is much better. It has all the techno-beats and all.

Power Rangers fan says: Are you kidding? Our music is way better than your (censored)! Yours is just drunken karaoke night.

Of course this is just plain childish isn't it? I have to admit though that here have been some advantages with Super Sentai music:
  • It has a wide variety of tunes used from light to fast to heavy depending on the mood.
  • There are different theme songs for different situations and they are usually not as noisy as the American version. For example, I like Burai's theme better than Tommy's theme but that's just my opinion. :-P
  • Some of the Sentai cast members get to actually sing their own song in the OST but not in the show.
On the other hand, Power Rangers has this:
  • During Ron Wasserman's era, he tried to be quite original but ended up being more "Anime" in some areas of his music. Perhaps he was a fan of other Anime that drove him away from the Sentai feel for another type of feel.
  • During the Disney era, some fans berated the music to be horrible.
  • Most themes were mostly instrumental.
So I kind of thought that there's still room to improve the music. Does anybody agree?


  1. For Power Rangers, Ron Wasserman's music was the best in the franchise. In Super Sentai, I like Psychic Lover's the best. These two have a rock & roll, up-tempo beat that I think fits both franchise better than some of the slower paced music. Although I like some of the slower music by Mika Kikuchi in Dekaranger and Magiranger.

  2. If we're talking about insert songs, then I think it's unfair to try to compare from the two franchises. Since the only music we had from Power Rangers was during MMPR-PRiS. And it's pretty damn epic if you ask me.

    Now, if we're talking about theme songs and BGMs, then that's a different story.