Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Best Power Rangers Crossover Ever IMO: Wild Force vs. Time Force

The thing is in Power Rangers Wild Force, I have to say that there was really some originality in the episodes "Reinforcements From the Future" parts 1 and 2 which the Mut-Orgs entered into the present to cause havoc and assistance from the Time Force Rangers was even more necessary to defeat the foes.

So I kind of thought about the whole originality. In Super Sentai, Gaoranger didn't have a movie with the whole Timeranger team, only their own version of Forever Red called "Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai". But here, the concept was kind of original while adding some rather intense new plots especially that Ransik reveals his redemption when he actually helps them destroy the mutant halves of the three Mut-orgs and in turn, he becomes completely human. Also Jen shows she is more bad-ass than Yuuri was in Timeranger (she was more like Mai in Changeman for me) with her military suit and all.

Also, the original footage was just well done. There was just the right amount of action and the fight choreography was done well. The final battle went with a literal BOOM when the three red rangers donned their battlizers, the others fire whatever they can and finished off the three Mut-Orgs (whose designs are just awesome) which of course, foils Master Org's plans to defeat the Power Rangers. I also liked how Ransik and Nadira were involved as reformed people.

Overall, the greatest PR team-up ever.


  1. I beg to differ. I think in the best Power Rangers crossovers would be Lost Galaxy and in Space, and Dino Thunder and Ninja Storm.

    Lost Galaxy's had the Psychos return which was an interesting twist. Psycho Pink manages to survive and tries to destroy Cassie and Kendrix. Kendrix makes the ultimate sacrifice and saves Cassie but destroys herself. Also, Karone returns and takes Kendrix's place as Pink Ranger. Great 3-story arc.

    Dino Thunder's had good use of characters, Mesagog and Lother teaming up to take down the rangers, then actually fighting eachother at the end. The choreography is pretty intense if you ask me. The three wind rangers becoming evil was a nice twist, having to actually fight the Dino Rangers. The first half actually felt more like Ninja Storm even with the presence of the Dino Thunder Cast. Marah and Cassidy see each other in passing, finding the other stunning, but themselves prettier. Even thought they're the same person playing two different characters. Another great team-up.

  2. @Kigndom Rider- Then I suggest you write why you think otherwise.

  3. nope operation overdrive with blue ninja storm, yellow ino thunder, mmpr black, spd red (who was bridge) and green mystic force (bleh) and the OP:OD rangers

    1. That teamup sucked, man. My fave would have to be Forever Red.