Monday, July 5, 2010

Tommy Oliver and Kimberly Hart

Somehow if there was something that somewhat kept MMPR running, I guess it had to do with this official couple above. The two had such a wonderful chemistry that I believe it kept the show with high ratings among the older fans. So I kind of thought of it that they too, had a really good chemistry.

So okay the kiss didn't commence until Tommy temporarily lost his green ranger powers (in contrast to Burai's death in Zyuranger) and that, Tommy's return reunited them together. The two became an item and it was one big reason why I liked the show- the two were a hot couple. I can never forget that Christmas kiss they had and those so-wonderful moments.

However it happened- Amy Jo Johnson formally left the set for some reason and so Catherine Sutherland was forced into the script. Then it happened that in Zeo, Tommy received a stupid Dear John letter (which is bad writing IMO because it's totally out of character for that to happen for Kimberly as a likable character) and thus the Tommy and Catherine relationship was inserted to fill that gap by the writers. Besides, I felt just as if the whole franchise drowned during that time.

During the Turbo movie, I was hoping they'd be reunited but sigh, I don't even wonder why Tommy Oliver never questioned Kimberly Hart about that Dear John letter.

Later in Super Sentai, it seems these fan pairings give me a "little glimpse" of Tommy and Kimberly as a couple:

Satoru Akashi and Sakura Nishihori- For some reason, I think Satoru Akashi can be like Tommy Oliver (in a more matured way) and Sakura Nishihori well when she lightens up, she's almost like Kimberly Hart (the episode where she got all ditzy and girly). However they never officially became a couple but all we know is that Sakura Nishihori is hopelessly in love with Satoru Akashi.

Takeru Shiba and Mako Shiraishi- I don't know but for some reason, I also tend to think of Tommy Oliver and Kimberly Hart with these two though they never are officially a couple but are hinted to be one. Well Mako Shiraishi like Kimberly Hart is the hot babe of the show, girly but can get tough if need be.


  1. I'm in the minority among Power Rangers fans, but I feel that Kat was a better girlfriend for Tommy than Kim was. Kat struck me as mature beyond her years, whereas materialistic Kim came off at times as immature. Tommy and Kat till death do they part. :)