Friday, July 16, 2010

Examples of Sentai Fanboy Comments

Sean has dealt with PR fanboys in the past, according to his previous blog post. I've decided to share a little bit of mine, too. Not only have I been harassed by Sentai fanboys, but Kingdom Rider has several times.

wolzard81 wrote:

"You're a fucking moron. Did you watch those sentai show's? Zyuranger, espically dairanger and kakuranger are all better than MMPR, everyone says zeo is better than ohranger ohranger may not be the best sentai show but its still better than zeo, megaranger and gingaman have a lot better characters, and timeforce is just a shitty rip-off of timeranger. Saban was just raping toku as a "get rich quick" scheme. Fuck him and fuck you."

Zorianff9 wrote:

"Super Sentai series are the original, you idiot, Saban was using footages of the Sentai Series (since Zyuranger, Dairanger, Kakuranger etc..) for their shitty Power Rangers, with characters acting fags, in fatuous stories.
It's Power Rangers who's fucked up since the first compared to Super Sentai.
Saban can't do nor invent things by himself, so have respect for the Sentai Series who are original and smart (and contributed the shitty Power Rangers)."

It appears that little kids who cuss people out happen to be all kinds of fanboys, too. The two above are good examples of these 10-year olds who apparantly hate PR with a passion just like every other fanboy of Super Sentai. Perhaps Sentai came to them when they were much younger, and due to the maturity and violence of Sentai that have gotten into their heads they weren't able to realize it was only a kids TV show in Japan.

I'm a much bigger Power Rangers fan than Sentai. Though I do love Sentai, too, I believe these people have no right to attack Power Rangers in any way. Saban wouldn't ever screw up Sentai, at least he did the least to make it great compared to Sentai.


  1. It's their opinion and all, but bashing Power Rangers and not having a good enough reason is just trolling and makes them sound biased.

    I don't really bother with this, actually. In fact, none of us really should. They're trolls, they're not worth our time. Let them be immature, be the better person and ignore them. Cause fighting back is only bringing more drama. This goes to everyone reading this comment.

  2. DancingAlienDude, it seems you like both Sentai and PR equally though, by the way you talk.

  3. Meh, I hate all trolls. Period. Just like Kingdom Rider said, don't try to take sides.

    I happen to be more of a Power Rangers fan but I wouldn't take sides with any fanboy in particular. Stay out of the fights and nobody but the one who started the fight will get in trouble.

  4. Do keep in mind, Kingdom Rider. That 90% of all trolls are just little children. I've known you to be the most experienced with the fanboys/trolls, and I'm not sure if you know that by now.

    Check out some of Sean's new blogs about 10-year old trolls, too. I've seen how you've dealt with trolls in the past, and I strongly don't agree with what you did.

    (Sorry about the really late reply)

  5. Keep in mind that they probably were goaded by someone's comment previously.

  6. childish can ya get? I'm a much bigger fan of Sentai than Power Rangers, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna go around bashing PR. If it wasn't for PR, I wouldn't have even known about Sentai in the first place and if an episode of PR is on TV, I'll definitely watch it.