Friday, July 23, 2010

Ransik's Impact in Power Rangers

I kind of thought though that Ransik deserves a lot of tribute. Why? Unlike most villains, he actually is more of the type to actually have a noble intention- that is the safety of mutantkind (like Magneto in X-Men), however he goes beyond the border to achieve his goals. He became so full of hatred that he became public enemy number one in no time. His was a cycle of hatred because of he was despised for how he looked, only to realize one day that revenge is a cycle that will go nowhere.

I believe that Don Dinero of Timeranger isn't as threatening as this guy, however U.S. standards can't permit Ransik to be that evil either. In his term as the main villain of Time Force, his relationship with his daughter Nadira is a troubled one- Nadira despite being his daughter had begun to question his extreme hatred for humans. Also, he later discovered that Frax was actually the person he assaulted near death and the one who created the serum to help him survive the Venomark poisoning.

So I thought that in the final battle, he was really cool and destructive only to find out he could have killed his own daughter Nadira (who was carrying a human baby) in the process, which caused him to break his cycle of hatred for humanity and that he gave himself in to the authorities. I thought that this made him quite unique for handing himself over, something that Don Dinero would never do in Timeranger even if Ransik was the more violent one.

Later on, he would return for Power Rangers Time Force to reveal his past with the Orgs, where he granted his mutant DNA to three Orgs in exchange for his power to draw blades from his body without wounding himself. He nearly sacrificed himself to destroy the mutant halves of the Mut-Orgs, which in process proved he deserved a second chance, symbolized by him becoming completely human, something he originally despised.


  1. Ransik is the best power ranger villain in my opinion.

    1. But didn't you learn that he's not a villain anymore?