Wednesday, June 30, 2010

DancingAlienDude's Important Announcements

I'd like to apologize to the multiple fans of this blog who are upset at my inactivity and lack of thoughtful blogs. Now that I'm on my vacation and a bunch of school crap has STILL been eating up my life, I'm on the blog less and less. I'm watching fewer PR episodes and have less time to manage this place.

I've realized the popularity of this blog has been booming downward. I feel like a burden to Fantasy Leader now, since all I've been doing is leaving him to most of the blogs. Furthermore, Kingdom Rider hasn't visited this blog in weeks neither has he given me his e-mail to invite him to the blog administration.

I'm pretty sure some are beginning to think that this blog is a joke. I haven't stopped caring for you yet. I'm still a fan of Sentai and Power Rangers, but this is why I need everyone to support this Union now.

However now, I will now promote Sean Akizuki, a true Sentai fan, to the Power Rangers Union. Congratulations Sean! Now we have a Sentai fan helping us in our goal to stop this war between Sentai and PR. Please leave your e-mail here, Sean, so I can send you an invite to the administration.

But now, I'll end this blog with my dearest apologies. I did not mean to abandon this blog and I promise to support this peace to any extent.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Problems that fans have with Lightspeed Rescue

If you ask me, I think Lightspeed Rescue is quite an interesting season in how fans view it. While the majority of the PR fandom definitely picks the Saban era over the Disney era, there are still a couple of seasons that fans choose to not talk too much about. Turbo and Lightspeed Rescue.

Overall, one of the major criticisms towards LR is that it was episodic, compared to having more story arcs (like Lost Galaxy and Time Force). And since LR aired between Lost Galaxy and Time Force, that hurt it. So what's wrong with LR being episodic? Sentai has had many seasons that were episodic. So why is LR being bashed? Heck, even Zeo was episodic. Well, for starters, fans were still not very keen about how PR had taken the whole "re-boot story and cast every year" method (part of why Lost Galaxy also struggled). And unlike Lost Galaxy, LR did not have any connection to previous seasons. Even the two-part team up was very vague. And fans thought the whole rescue workers motif was way too gimmicky and lame for it's own good. As a result, if LR didn't have a fast-paced intense story like Space and Lost Galaxy did, fans could just care less about LR. And they got what they wanted in Time Force.

But are these individual episodes bad? Well, when it comes to that, fans complain how the characters in LR were some of the blandest characters in PR. And the fact that LR copied GoGoFive's plots and left out the family theme also didn't help. However, other fans say that the characters were very believable and that the actions that they went through were very intense.

Fans also complain how LR had a very weak second half, compared to the other Saban/Lynn seasons. LR's first half was liked by many fans for it's Titanium Ranger Arc. Though some fans viewed it as a Green Ranger Arc rip-off.

I know I'm missing a lot of details about this topic. But to be quite honest, Lightspeed Rescue is a real head-scratcher. xD

PS: DancingAlienDude. I just want to let you know that I'm trying my best to come up with posts that could hopefully bring peace amongst the fandoms. But recently, I've been running a bit dry on ideas for such posts. So it'll take me a bit longer to post stuff. Also, I wanted to ask about your post on "My Opinion on the Top 5 Strongest Power Rangers." Are you just going to be posting up regular posts now for this blog?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Opinion on the Top 5 Strongest Power Rangers

((If only Kingdom Rider will please give me his e-mail address so I can promote him, he won't be making his first blog post. Thanks. :) ))

5. Titanium Ranger of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.

I must give him this positing as he is just about equivelant to the Saban-Levy era's Green Ranger, only with more complex technology behind him. Ryan, as the Titanium Ranger, holds impressive speed, agility, and superhuman strength beyond the rest of the Lightspeed Rescue rangers. Not to mention he was able to defeat the rangers once and clobber three of Diabolico's monsters. He is simply the best physically enhanced ranger of all time. Ryan had lacked a Sentai counterpart, meaning nobody could share his strength.

4. Shadow Ranger of Power Rangers S.P.D

Before people say "OMG KALISH SUCKS DON'T PUT HIM HERE," I'd like to point out that he is perhaps the best of all swordsmen in Power Rangers history. Often walks from battles unscathed, and his will to fight is stronger than most other rangers. The destruction of his own planet brought him the strength to bring justice among the evil aliens. Doggie Kruger's superior sword master skills are equivalent to Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger's Doggie, who had taken on armies of henchmen in the past.

3. Magna Defender of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Mike, as the Magna Defender, had proven to be a powerful threat to Trakeena and the space pirates. Originally passed down from the original legendary Magna Defender, he obtained amazing powers. However, when the time came, he had to give up his powers to stop an asteroid from destroying Mirinoi (or was it Terra Venture?). He had used every last bit of the Magna Defender's strength to stop the asteroid. How much guts does that take?

The Magna Defender is equivalent to Gingaman's BullBlack.

2. The White Ranger of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Perhaps one of the best (and maybe a little overrated) leaders of all Power Rangers, Tommy deserves this place as the 2nd strongest Power Ranger. Having the most skills in martial arts among the other rangers during Season 2 and 3, it made him a strong leader and ranger while fighting Rita and Zedd. Also, at his left hand is Saba, an interactive weapon who guides him throughout battles. Without a doubt is he one of the best.

The White Ranger's Sentai counterpart is KibaRanger of Dairanger.

1. Red Dragon Ranger of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Not only he is the greatest red ranger, the best of leaders, and probably the most skilled in martial arts, but he is also the strongest Power Ranger of all time. Jason wielded the power of the tyrannosaurus and the dragon, and had control of both their zords. He had single-handedly defeated a monster effortlessly and escaped whatever Rita threw at him when he held the powers. His finisher consists of two deadly slashes which destroy the enemy. Two might powers in one ranger, basically.

His counterpart is Tyrannoranger of Zyuranger, which they both share the same powers.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

MegaPurple/Kingdom Rider is the New Author of Power Rangers Union!

Once again, everyone, my concentration on my blog has become even weaker and weaker... Even after school is over, my exams had conquered my life and screwed everything up... But yet, I still care for this blog and each of my fans. :)

I now promote my loyal fan and friend, MegaPurple, who is now Kingdom Rider on Blogger, as another leader in helping me promote peace between Super Sentai and Power Rangers. I trust him that he will make an excellent leader in this Union. Don't worry, Fantasy Leader, you're not forgotten yet, and you still have your honorary roll too. But now I'm going to need twice the help I can get since I don't have quite the knowledge and the time to work on this blog.

All he has to do now is accept my invite. And he'll be live.

Again, everyone. Keep up on promoting this blog. We'll be sure to stop Super Sentai severity in no time. :)


P.S. To Sean, I am vacationing in Philippines right now.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Saban/Judd Lynn Era Civil War

In the Super Sentai fandom, fans of course always argue which seasons are the best and which are the worst. Now, during the Saban/Lynn Era, many of the fans are very split on which were the best and which were the worst. Being the era of following Sentai's ways, while having great quality, it was inevitable that the fans are so divided in this era.

Power Rangers in Space. Many fans absolutely loved the story of Andros and Astronema. And fans also loved the search for Zordon and the space themes that supported it. And "Countdown to Destruction" is considered by many to be the best finale ever, wrapping up the six season long story. The characters also got a lot of good character development.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. Lots of fans were torn on this season. A lot of this has to do with the transition of the Zordon Era to the Saban/Lynn Era. To all fans, it also depended on if the story made sense to you or not. Some fans thought Lost Galaxy's story was perfect. And other fans thought Lost Galaxy's story was mostly incoherent and lackluster.

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. Considered by many to be the worst of this era (unless you count Wild Force). Fans really disliked the episodic nature of this show compared to Lost Galaxy and Time Force which had more arcs going on for them. Fans also criticized Lightspeed Rescue for having a lame motif (rescuing), "bland characters," and terrible team-ups. Though fans of this season view Lightspeed Rescue as having everything you'd want in Power Rangers. Though strangely, they seem to be few and far in between. Hey DancingAlienDude. I know you absolutely love Lightspeed Rescue. Perhaps you'd like to add on to this?

Power Rangers Time Force. Another very popular season. And considered by many to be the most well made season out of them all. Time Force fans are often in conflict against the In Space fans. Space fans often criticize Time Force for copying too much from Timeranger, calling it a lazy carbon copy. Time Force was praised by many fans for easily being the darkest story in the era, allowing elements like death, intense drama, and terrorism. And fans considered Time Force to have some of the best acting ever in the franchise! And the cast was very well liked by fans.

Power Rangers Wild Force. For those who count Wild Force as part of the era, it is considered by many to be the worst season in the era. Due to being an even more carbon copy of it's Sentai counterpart than Time Force, having below par acting, and the overuse of zords. Fans also accuse Wild Force for setting up the style that would evolve into the style used for the Disney seasons. Fans greatly praise the two team-ups that are present in this season, but rarely anything else in it. Considered by many to be the best team ups in the show to date.

So overall, it seems like In Space and Time Force are the most praised, due to having a strong coherent storyline and likable characters. While other elements like acting, borrowing sentai material, and overall performances kept the fans of these two seasons against each other. The whole Zordon Era vs Saban/Lynn Era also plays a role here. Lost Galaxy was hit or miss by fans. And because of that, it has a hard time keeping up with Space and Time Force. When fans love Lost Galaxy, to them, it can easily beat both Space and Time Force. But when they don't, fans rank Lost Galaxy below those two. Lightspeed Rescue gets even more criticism for it's episodic format and for just being plain "lame" with it's motif. As a result, Rescue often has difficulty keeping up with Space, Lost Galaxy, and Time Force. Finally, Wild Force mostly seems to only get praise by fans who loved seeing Gaoranger in English. Usually, it doesn't really compete much with the other four seasons.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Few Negative Features of The Overrated Power Rangers Series.

I thought in order to promote the more underrated series', I've decided to make this blog to show why some PR series' aren't the best ever. These are all my opinions so don't take them personally.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (All seasons)

We can all say everybody in the cast was memorable. But keep in mind, though, that as the 3 seasons progressed, the villains, especially, were watered down a lot. Goldar, for example, was perhaps one of the best villains ever during Season 1 of MMPR. Starting with Season 2, he had become a rather comical character and developed a somewhat stupid personality. The same went with Rita, Master Vile, and possibly Tommy becoming very cocky.

Don't forget that MMPR became less creative with their characters. In fact, they had used the same costumes over the entire time span.

Power Rangers Time Force


Time Force was obviously faithful to Timeranger, but it didn't mean perfect for the PR fans. Time Force fans should keep in mind that the storyline lacked originality, obviously. It can be bad or good from either perspective. Power Rangers Time Force also suffers a little from the dialogue from characters such as Nadira, with some failed comic relief, and even Jen (Pink Ranger). Just like every Power Rangers show, the dialogue is never perfect. The crossover with Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue was a rather poor crossover, though both seasons were amazing.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Probably the most overrated of the Disney seasons. But honestly, Tommy? Is that the only good thing to the show? Dino Thunder also to lack a smooth story, and some of the villains weren't as evil as Ninja Storm, the previous PR series. A cheesy crossover was also included, so we can obviously say it's not the best series. The praise for Dino Thunder was only because of Tommy, or at least the majority of it.

Keep in mind, everyone, this is only my opinion. However, you are more than welcome to post your own ideas. Thank you. :)


The Golden Age of Power Rangers?

It has been argued to death by many fans as to which era of Power Rangers should be considered the "Golden Age." The two eras that fans argue about are the "Zordon Era" and the "Saban/Judd Lynn Era."


The Zordon Era fans who claim that this era was the Golden Age have many reasons to believe so. The Zordon era consisted of MMPR seasons 1, 2, and 3, Zeo, Turbo, and In Space. And for some fans, Lost Galaxy. For starters, fans go on about how this era was when Power Rangers was truly at it's most popular. No doubt about that. Both MMPR and In Space were huge. Lost Galaxy was also quite popular, being the highest rated Power Rangers season in terms of TV ratings to date. Fans also mention that this era consisted of the longest story in Power Rangers to date (six seasons long. Sometimes seven) which all came to an end with a bang! Fans believed that this era was when Power Rangers was at it's most original and truly described what a Power Ranger truly was. Fans loved how everything in these seasons were strongly connected into a whole single universe.

What Saban/Judd Lynn fans did not like about this era was it's "inferior" quality compared to the era that would succeed it. And also not liking how this era shows off by being the symbol of the Power Rangers franchise. Fans of this era also didn't like the Zordon Era due to how the story started with a completely different cast than how it ended. Plus, they didn't like how this era wasn't faithful to their Sentai counterparts as much as the Saban/Judd Lynn era was.


The Saban/Judd Lynn era consisted of Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, and Time Force. Some fans include In Space due to it also being written by Judd Lynn, thus having the same quality as the other shows in this era. Plus, fans don't mind it's connection to previous seasons, as it was vague, similar to Lost Galaxy. Lots of fans love to include Wild Force in this era as well. The main reasons are because Wild Force, despite being a Disney season, and not being written by Judd Lynn, was still created by MMPR Productions before the crew moved to New Zealand. Thus, having a similar aura to it like it's previous seasons. Plus, Wild Force had a team up with Time Force and had the Forever Red episode to wrap the era up. Whereas Ninja Storm cut it's ties from it's previous seasons. Other fans also include RPM as part of this era (despite airing many years later), due to it being written by Judd Lynn, and having the same quality.

Fans of this era love to claim this era as the Golden Age, mostly due to it being when Power Rangers was made at it's best. Other fans love this era due to how loyal they were to their Sentai counterparts. Of course, this depends on each fans' tastes.

Overall, the fandoms of these two eras are still very much at each other's throats. However, there is a third fandom out there that basically likes the entire Saban era. And is just as big as the other two. So how can these two fandoms calm down? Well, the major elements that play a role in this are quality, nostalgia, originality, and stuff like that. Major differences here. In fact, Sentai also plays a role in this. As Sentai is much closer to the Saban/Judd Lynn era than the Zordon Era. But the weird thing, many Zordon fans also like their Sentai counterparts from Zyuranger to Megaranger.