Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Opinion on the Top 5 Strongest Power Rangers

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5. Titanium Ranger of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.

I must give him this positing as he is just about equivelant to the Saban-Levy era's Green Ranger, only with more complex technology behind him. Ryan, as the Titanium Ranger, holds impressive speed, agility, and superhuman strength beyond the rest of the Lightspeed Rescue rangers. Not to mention he was able to defeat the rangers once and clobber three of Diabolico's monsters. He is simply the best physically enhanced ranger of all time. Ryan had lacked a Sentai counterpart, meaning nobody could share his strength.

4. Shadow Ranger of Power Rangers S.P.D

Before people say "OMG KALISH SUCKS DON'T PUT HIM HERE," I'd like to point out that he is perhaps the best of all swordsmen in Power Rangers history. Often walks from battles unscathed, and his will to fight is stronger than most other rangers. The destruction of his own planet brought him the strength to bring justice among the evil aliens. Doggie Kruger's superior sword master skills are equivalent to Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger's Doggie, who had taken on armies of henchmen in the past.

3. Magna Defender of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Mike, as the Magna Defender, had proven to be a powerful threat to Trakeena and the space pirates. Originally passed down from the original legendary Magna Defender, he obtained amazing powers. However, when the time came, he had to give up his powers to stop an asteroid from destroying Mirinoi (or was it Terra Venture?). He had used every last bit of the Magna Defender's strength to stop the asteroid. How much guts does that take?

The Magna Defender is equivalent to Gingaman's BullBlack.

2. The White Ranger of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Perhaps one of the best (and maybe a little overrated) leaders of all Power Rangers, Tommy deserves this place as the 2nd strongest Power Ranger. Having the most skills in martial arts among the other rangers during Season 2 and 3, it made him a strong leader and ranger while fighting Rita and Zedd. Also, at his left hand is Saba, an interactive weapon who guides him throughout battles. Without a doubt is he one of the best.

The White Ranger's Sentai counterpart is KibaRanger of Dairanger.

1. Red Dragon Ranger of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Not only he is the greatest red ranger, the best of leaders, and probably the most skilled in martial arts, but he is also the strongest Power Ranger of all time. Jason wielded the power of the tyrannosaurus and the dragon, and had control of both their zords. He had single-handedly defeated a monster effortlessly and escaped whatever Rita threw at him when he held the powers. His finisher consists of two deadly slashes which destroy the enemy. Two might powers in one ranger, basically.

His counterpart is Tyrannoranger of Zyuranger, which they both share the same powers.


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  3. The actor who played Jason never did gay porn you moron. That was a stupid urban legend that was disproved a long time ago.

  4. it's been a long time since i watched power rangers! go go power rangers!!

  5. ok im not going to lie .. jason was the best leader of power rangers but he isnt the strongest of all time. even with the green rangers powers combinded with his own. tommy as the green ranger was the strongest. he was ablw to single handedly take on a bunch of putties and all 5 rangers by himself. neither the less jason was better at martail arts as well .. jsut though id throw that one in there... tommy has multiple dojos where he teaches martial arts. and not going to lie ... i never thought of the shadow or titanium ranger that way ... good choices. my personal 5 are:
    1: Tommy as the Green Ranger
    2: Jason as the Red Ranger
    3: Tommy as the White Ranger
    4: Mike as the Magna Defender
    5: Trent as the White Dino Ranger

    1. No Jason is the strongest tommy and the evil green ranger is stonger then when he was on the side of good, Jason beat him while he was evil so he was stronger then and that was before he was the only ranger in History to control TWO RANGER POWERS

    2. Red Ranger with the Dragon Shield is actually strongest if you look back, he owned anything in his path.

    3. @ Anonymous Well, if we're going to talk about one person controlling more than one ranger power, then technically that would put Connor, the red ranger from DinoThunder at the top; as the Triassic Ranger, he controlled the powers of the red, blue, and yellow rangers. So three ranger powers. Most powerful by feats? I don't know.

  6. First time visiting this blog, and before I comment I just want to say that this is a pretty cool place for Power Ranger fans!

    Anyway, I'd just like to comment on the White Ranger and the Original Red Ranger. 1. In the Dino Thunder episode where Tommy fights the Power Rangers he used to be, he successfully defeats Zeo Ranger V and the White Ranger. He is unsuccessful in beating the Green Ranger. I'd like to think that this means the Green Ranger is more powerful than the white.

    2. It's arguable that when Jason has the Green Ranger shield and dagger it's a small-scale Battelizer (spelling?). I think each ranger should be judged without the use of the Battelizers.

    3. I'm glad to see the Titanium Ranger on the list. It seems to me that he gets no love!

  7. yo guys that list had some good points I would never had thought of titanium, shadow or magna defender but I would like to point out between Jason and Tommy why I would say Jason is stronger an overall better slightly because whenever a ranger is evil they are always shown stronger so you saw Tommy beating all the ranger as u seen the titanium ranger do an the white ranger in dino thunder and in dino thunder when Tommy couldn’t defeat the green ranger besides the fact it was a test an tommy couldn’t fight him as u see the green ranger was the only one that used power the red and white ranger only used fight skill showed that he was fight the green ranger that was good he was fight the green ranger which was evil showing how he fights dirty Tommy couldn’t keep up I believe this shows when Jason harnesses all his power skill and strength he can defeat anyone and that was before he even obtained the dragon zord powers.

  8. You are forgetting about Trent as the white dino ranger, he's got to be at least number 3. He was stronger when he was evil but still, he defeats even tommy on several occasions and destroys mesogog's monsters quickly and by himself

  9. the most powerful ranger is red & gold ranger. but tommy is also a fantastic ranger.


  10. I think Jayden from Samurai should at least be here ^^^

  11. In my opinion, Eric Meyers (Quantum Ranger) should be at least on this list because his prototype morpher and powers are not connected to the morphing grid (not limiting his power) and that the morpher is said to be the most powerful ever in the year 3000.

  12. How does no one think that the original Gold Zeo Ranger's the most powerful?? I mean firstly, those powers were Jason's for a limited time as well as Trey's and that the kanji on his helmet says 'King', no only that but he has Pyramidis which is a titan of a zord in it's self AND it was the Gold Rangers power that simultaneously destroyed all of the evil across an entire world!

    1. Gold Zeo Ranger
    2. Gold Samurai Ranger (only because he can move at light speed
    3. Mighty Morphin White Ranger...even though everyone agrees that the Green Dragon Power Coin was cooler
    4. Omega Ranger definitely. He's able to teleport object AND turn into a ball of energy, as well as being an epic all around Ranger.
    5. and finally I wanna' say Sentinel Knight, but much like Magna Defender he is NOT Ranger; though anything on the same team that's an extra - like warriors etc. - can be considered Rangers...they're not simply because they don't get their power from the Morphing the final spot has to go to the In Space Silver Ranger - Zhane himself can use telekinesis and it is literally said at one point that the silver is the most powerful, though you have to take that with a pinch of contextual salt.

    Quantum Ranger is well powerful, but his powers aren't connected to the Grid, which is the way of defining a Power Ranger.

  13. Tommy (Green/White) is the best period why because his actor Jason David Frank is the only Ranger that can really fight in the street and in the cage! youtube his fights

  14. The Silver Space Ranger was quoted as one of the most powerful ranger in the universe

  15. Has to be tommy as the white ranger at my aged he inspired a hold genaration to want to be a power ranger ok granted he wasnt the most powerfull but watch the video were the white ranger kicks scorpion from mortal Kombats ass!! now anyone who can kill the undead is preety cool! <3 love for the white falcon!

  16. This list isn't a "strongest" list. It's simply a list of the writer's favorites, really. He didn't even mention the Green Dragon ranger, which Zordon directly stated was several times stronger than the White Tiger ranger. He warned Tommy to be careful, as he wouldn't be as strong as he had been as the Green Dragon ranger.