Monday, June 28, 2010

Problems that fans have with Lightspeed Rescue

If you ask me, I think Lightspeed Rescue is quite an interesting season in how fans view it. While the majority of the PR fandom definitely picks the Saban era over the Disney era, there are still a couple of seasons that fans choose to not talk too much about. Turbo and Lightspeed Rescue.

Overall, one of the major criticisms towards LR is that it was episodic, compared to having more story arcs (like Lost Galaxy and Time Force). And since LR aired between Lost Galaxy and Time Force, that hurt it. So what's wrong with LR being episodic? Sentai has had many seasons that were episodic. So why is LR being bashed? Heck, even Zeo was episodic. Well, for starters, fans were still not very keen about how PR had taken the whole "re-boot story and cast every year" method (part of why Lost Galaxy also struggled). And unlike Lost Galaxy, LR did not have any connection to previous seasons. Even the two-part team up was very vague. And fans thought the whole rescue workers motif was way too gimmicky and lame for it's own good. As a result, if LR didn't have a fast-paced intense story like Space and Lost Galaxy did, fans could just care less about LR. And they got what they wanted in Time Force.

But are these individual episodes bad? Well, when it comes to that, fans complain how the characters in LR were some of the blandest characters in PR. And the fact that LR copied GoGoFive's plots and left out the family theme also didn't help. However, other fans say that the characters were very believable and that the actions that they went through were very intense.

Fans also complain how LR had a very weak second half, compared to the other Saban/Lynn seasons. LR's first half was liked by many fans for it's Titanium Ranger Arc. Though some fans viewed it as a Green Ranger Arc rip-off.

I know I'm missing a lot of details about this topic. But to be quite honest, Lightspeed Rescue is a real head-scratcher. xD

PS: DancingAlienDude. I just want to let you know that I'm trying my best to come up with posts that could hopefully bring peace amongst the fandoms. But recently, I've been running a bit dry on ideas for such posts. So it'll take me a bit longer to post stuff. Also, I wanted to ask about your post on "My Opinion on the Top 5 Strongest Power Rangers." Are you just going to be posting up regular posts now for this blog?

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  1. The problem is, Kingdom Rider is a true follower of Sentai/PR peace. If possibly we can get a group meeting once again, the blog will shine once more. He hasn't even given me his e-mail yet... *sigh*

    Plus, some fans on this blog only came for the PR thrill.