Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Few Negative Features of The Overrated Power Rangers Series.

I thought in order to promote the more underrated series', I've decided to make this blog to show why some PR series' aren't the best ever. These are all my opinions so don't take them personally.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (All seasons)

We can all say everybody in the cast was memorable. But keep in mind, though, that as the 3 seasons progressed, the villains, especially, were watered down a lot. Goldar, for example, was perhaps one of the best villains ever during Season 1 of MMPR. Starting with Season 2, he had become a rather comical character and developed a somewhat stupid personality. The same went with Rita, Master Vile, and possibly Tommy becoming very cocky.

Don't forget that MMPR became less creative with their characters. In fact, they had used the same costumes over the entire time span.

Power Rangers Time Force


Time Force was obviously faithful to Timeranger, but it didn't mean perfect for the PR fans. Time Force fans should keep in mind that the storyline lacked originality, obviously. It can be bad or good from either perspective. Power Rangers Time Force also suffers a little from the dialogue from characters such as Nadira, with some failed comic relief, and even Jen (Pink Ranger). Just like every Power Rangers show, the dialogue is never perfect. The crossover with Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue was a rather poor crossover, though both seasons were amazing.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Probably the most overrated of the Disney seasons. But honestly, Tommy? Is that the only good thing to the show? Dino Thunder also to lack a smooth story, and some of the villains weren't as evil as Ninja Storm, the previous PR series. A cheesy crossover was also included, so we can obviously say it's not the best series. The praise for Dino Thunder was only because of Tommy, or at least the majority of it.

Keep in mind, everyone, this is only my opinion. However, you are more than welcome to post your own ideas. Thank you. :)



  1. I agree. Goldar was really watered down when Lord Zedd took over. Oh yeah, I was expecting the wedding of Lord Zedd to Rita Repulsa to liven up the series, it did for awhile until season 3 when Lord Zedd and Rita's plans kept failing because of Rito and Goldar.

  2. I'll disagree with Dino Thunder. It was a legacy season, with obvious ties to MMPR. Also Tommy was incognito for a good stretch and the show tried to focus more on the main three and then their final member as time went on. I believe it got high praise for Tommy simply because this was an older Tommy, one who had grown up and become more mentor and less of a berserker.