Thursday, June 17, 2010

MegaPurple/Kingdom Rider is the New Author of Power Rangers Union!

Once again, everyone, my concentration on my blog has become even weaker and weaker... Even after school is over, my exams had conquered my life and screwed everything up... But yet, I still care for this blog and each of my fans. :)

I now promote my loyal fan and friend, MegaPurple, who is now Kingdom Rider on Blogger, as another leader in helping me promote peace between Super Sentai and Power Rangers. I trust him that he will make an excellent leader in this Union. Don't worry, Fantasy Leader, you're not forgotten yet, and you still have your honorary roll too. But now I'm going to need twice the help I can get since I don't have quite the knowledge and the time to work on this blog.

All he has to do now is accept my invite. And he'll be live.

Again, everyone. Keep up on promoting this blog. We'll be sure to stop Super Sentai severity in no time. :)


P.S. To Sean, I am vacationing in Philippines right now.


  1. Hi to DancingAlienDude, I regret turning your offer down so I wish to contribute whatever I can. In fact, even if I'm a like Sentai more than PR fan, I'm still willing to help stop the conflict.

  2. No problem Sean. I never thought of taking you off my list of who to promote. I promise I'll give you the spot whenever I need some more help. :D

  3. Really nice!

    (Though I grew up with Power Rangers severity. LOL) xD

    Congratulations Mega Purple! Or, Kingdom Rider. (Sorry, I'm used to calling you Mega Purple, I'm not sure what to call you. Hehe). xD

  4. Wow, this is a big thanks! But I'm not so sure about this. Lol I really don't post anymore for reasons and I would have nothing to post about.

    MegaPurple was just so boring. KingdomRider sounds more epic. xD

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