Wednesday, June 30, 2010

DancingAlienDude's Important Announcements

I'd like to apologize to the multiple fans of this blog who are upset at my inactivity and lack of thoughtful blogs. Now that I'm on my vacation and a bunch of school crap has STILL been eating up my life, I'm on the blog less and less. I'm watching fewer PR episodes and have less time to manage this place.

I've realized the popularity of this blog has been booming downward. I feel like a burden to Fantasy Leader now, since all I've been doing is leaving him to most of the blogs. Furthermore, Kingdom Rider hasn't visited this blog in weeks neither has he given me his e-mail to invite him to the blog administration.

I'm pretty sure some are beginning to think that this blog is a joke. I haven't stopped caring for you yet. I'm still a fan of Sentai and Power Rangers, but this is why I need everyone to support this Union now.

However now, I will now promote Sean Akizuki, a true Sentai fan, to the Power Rangers Union. Congratulations Sean! Now we have a Sentai fan helping us in our goal to stop this war between Sentai and PR. Please leave your e-mail here, Sean, so I can send you an invite to the administration.

But now, I'll end this blog with my dearest apologies. I did not mean to abandon this blog and I promise to support this peace to any extent.


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  2. I've been extra busy myself! I'm sorry! I try to get on here as much as I can. Guess you still don't need my email? Lol but now that school's out for me and I have nothing better to do over summer break, I'm here to help this blog improve in any way it needs to be, if help is needed. :D