Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why Power Rangers severity must also be stopped.

I'd like you all to read the following blog linked entry, made by Sean's Sentai blog:

What is Super Sentai

Recently, my friends Sean and FL have been a little upset that I've been too biased on the Power Rangers side with this blog. I've decided to support Sentai in one entry to prove to them and all of my fans the true purpose of this blog.

Onto business, I understand Sentai fans will also be attacked by the really mean Power Rangers fanboys. I AM NOT approving of that kind of behaviour, so please don't get that idea. I also understand that Power Rangers fanboys will also grow very immature to the fact they troll every Sentai video they see. In fact, I know one angry Power Rangers fanboy, who is also a troll. Please comment if you'd also like to see the immaturity of the PR fandom.

Here's one example (my extreme apologies for the swearing in the following quote):

"Except no.

Sentai has always blown. We took a shitty franchise and made it good." (fellow troll, Somedumbassname)

I'm not only angry at the fanboys themselves. But many typical PR fans are purists of the original series of MMPR. Yes, it's true. Several PR fans, MMPR in particular, have always hated and shunned every Power Rangers season after Zeo because they thought it was total crap. They never even took the time to appreciate one episode of Super Sentai...

Please remind me if you are feeling very threatened of the PR fandom to all Sentai fans. With your voice, it brings us closer to finding a solution to the war between Sentai and Power Rangers.

Thank You.


  1. How biased? Like, if someone's attacking you for your opinion, why? An opinion CAN'T BE WRONG. No one should get mad at anyone just cause someone's opinion is different than theirs.

    Most Power Rangers Fans I know actually still watch Sentai. Some some do enjoy, but still like Power Rangers more (like me for example). And others don't enjoy it. It's just not their taste I guess.

    "But many typical PR fans are purists of the original series of MMPR. Yes, it's true. Several PR fans, MMPR in particular, have always hated and shunned every Power Rangers season after Zeo because they thought it was total crap." - That's for those fans who call themselves real fans, because they can't stop living in the past and move on. Take Dino Thunder for example, it's overrated only because Tommy's in it.

  2. Don't worry about it DancingAlien Dude. ;)
    Though I was confused about what you were trying to make this Blog about. At times, it seemed you were trying to bring harmony amongst both Power Rangers and Sentai. While at other times, it seemed like you were trying to defend Power Rangers from anything that was Sentai related. And that could contradict each other. But I am glad to see that you are finding balance (as evidenced in this post), and that absolute peace amongst the two fandoms is what you truly want (as well as what many other fans want).

    Yes, I've been attacked by many Power Rangers fans throughout my life. Which is also what made me feel bitter towards the franchise. I'm glad that I don't feel bitter anymore. :D

    It's weird, but I feel like the torn broken fandoms, feel like they are being torn inside of me. I feel the same towards the Final Fantasy fandoms. There will always be these kinds of wars, and plenty of fools that can keep them going, but I do believe that the fandoms can become much more united than what it already is.

    The big ideas are to figure out what causes the fandoms to be cut up into pieces. And then to figure out how that can be fixed.

    I will do my best to help as much as I can. ;)

  3. Btw, DancingAlienDude, I never thought you were biased. Jut wasn't entirely certain about what you were trying to get at in this blog. So don't worry. ;)

  4. So, you used Somedumbassname's quote from Youtube. hmmmm... Good idea because it shows how immature Power Ranger fanboys are. They can't understand the fact that Super Sentai is the franchise that brought Power Rangers to life. Even if they liked PR more, they should at least respect the original resource. They also come up with silly reasons to hate SS, and I think it would be a great idea if you write about that in this blog.
    Another terrible thing about PR fanboys is the fact that they almost never back up their reasons to hate SS. For example, fanboys usually say "PR is way better than SS" and that's it (Same thing can be said about SS fanboys though, but at least some of them do give valid reasons at why SS is much better) By the way, I am not defending ss fanboys because they can also get just as annoying and immature as pr fans, or even worse.

    I am a huge Sentai fan, but not that type of fanboy because I don't go to random videos, like Power Rangers in this case, and start insulting them or saying that they suck so much compared to sentai. I respect Power Rangers, and always will, but I feel threatened by PR fanboys because they can't come up with something better but to insult sentai because of stupid reasons.

    Like Fantasy Leader, I will also try to help you guys as much as I can. So count on me :)

  5. I found out that I like Sentai more than PR is based on cultural bias, yup I find myself in it.

    Most reasons can be too childish like just looking at the surface without really watching the show. Another has to be on the American superiority mentality or for Asians, the Asian superiority mentality. That's how stupid any Sentai extremist or PR extremist can be just like in my days as a little child.

    I kind of remembered how somebody I know who I have a Gaja-Ryuon relationship with kept boasting PR was so much better because it's American and everything American is good. Now that's just plain childish isn't it?

    Agreed, no Super Sentai, no Power Rangers. Anyway concerning Lost Galaxy, I don't think the rumor it was more well-received in Japan than Gingaman was true but it was well-received nonetheless. If it did exceed, I think it would be a matter of a few points because both series were SO GOOD although Lost Galaxy reminded me of Denziman.

  6. Thanks to everybody for your support. I hope we'll succeed in stopping the never-ending war.

    As for Sean, from what I know the only PR series that was most popular in Japan is MMPR. Which I find a little stereotypical of the Japanese, but MMPR wasn't too bad or anything like that.

  7. Why I Think Some PR Fans Become Sentai Fans- I want you to read this too. I find this kind of true. It may help you also because some PR fans are also Sentai fans.

  8. I loved PR when I was a kid, but I didn't know then that it was originally from Japan. When I did find out, and found out how much they changed when they brought it to America, simply because they think American children can't, or shouldn't, handle something like that, I was pretty upset. I've seen several shows that they have done that to (SS, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc) and I think it is becoming a dangerous trend. I still like PR, but I would like the opportunity to truly compare the two series, i.e. watch each series in it's entirity, comparing the related seasons, and then make my desicion on which is better. Though, based on the cursory glances I've had so far, I think I will be siding with SS when I'm done. One last note, to the PR haters out there: Don't hate the show for the bad desicions Saban made when they brought it to America. Had they done it properly in the first place, by either dubbing the show or by replacing the actors and doing a frame by frame, line by line remake, the two shows would not be as different as they are now. That goes for the SS haters as well. I think, you really do like SS, some of you at least, but you're just upset that that's not what you got to experience as a child, you just got the "family friendly" version. Think on what I have said here and adjust your actions accordingly.