Friday, April 30, 2010

Your Results on Recent Polls; April 30, 2009

5/10 says my new logo is cool while the other half says I need to focus more on Power Rangers Union. Thanks everybody for your support on my logo, but I promise you this will be my main blog.

Please visit my new blog, btw! :-)

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13 out of 14 say they will miss Thuy Trang, the original yellow ranger. Leaving some asshole who voted the choice she could die for all I care.

The purpose of that last choice was to keep track of crude Sentai fanboys who troll my blog. But other than that, R.I.P. Thuy Trang. You'll always be remembered as Trini, the yellow ranger.

3 out of 15 vote MMPR is the best PR season. 11 voted there were better PR seasons. 1Sentai fanboy voted Power Rangers sucks, period. I'll explain my opinions in a later blog.

8/13 Power Rangers fans are offended by the Sentai fandom. While 5 Sentai-only fans and other PR fans voted they don't really care. Yeah, I found it not surprising, either. This is what the blog is meant for, to end the harshness of both franchises.

Thank you all for your votes! Stay tuned for even more Power Rangers blogs! :-)

Oh yeah, Sean is currently winning in the polls. Congratulations Sean for your streak. However, the winner will be decided when voting is closed.


  1. Speaking of Thuy Trang, I wrote a fan-fic I never dared to publish which killed Trini Kwan which involved her in a brutal battle against an enemy who opposes both Lord Zedd and the rangers. She sacrifices her life like Bell Helen did in Sharivan so the enemy could be defeated.

  2. Whoever answered that last one answer definitely have no soul. Severity between Sentai and Power Rangers fanboys is one thing, the death of Thuy Trang is A WHOLE DIFFERENT MATTER. This is a human being that passed away that we're talking about. To laugh at her death is unforgivable.

    I didn't vote, but I'd vote 1, definitely.

  3. Well said, ChrisX. But now I know there is at least one troll among us. Possibly an extreme Sentai fanboy, or just a hateful person trying to destroy PR.