Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Remembering Thuy Trang Tribute

*NOTE:: I will be blogging less and less these days due to school and friend-related issues.

I look at Trini, the original yellow ranger of MMPR, as also the greatest yellow ranger in PR history. Don't get me wrong, Aisha and Tanya had their moments, but original triumphs for this ranger color.

If some fans do not know, Thuy Trang had portrayed the yellow ranger for the entire first season and half of the season 2. The sad thing was, many Sentai and PR fans had laughed and even complained at the fact that her Sentai counterpart, Boi, was male. Basically Trini was a gender-changed clone of Tiger Ranger, but that's beside the point. She did an outstanding job in the first season, but she sadly left the show due to Saban offering her very low wages and long hours.

She, Austin St. John (Jason), and Walter Jones had all left the series just because of Saban's inconsideration. Why must you do this to us...? Not that Jason D Frank, Johnny, and Karan were bad, but they were highly overcredited compared to the originals. Kimberly and Billy got the credit they deserved.

The worst had come, though... Living only a short 27 years, Thuy Trang and Trini along with her had died of a car accident. The only death by any Power Rangers actor had brought dread to all the fans. (Unless you include Rita's death of Machigo Soga. R.I.P for her, too.)

What more do I have to say? Rest in peace, Thuy Trang.


Well, I made this entry due to not only the devastating moment, but for the very hateful Sentai fans who also bash the actors of PR.

I'm not quite sure if PR fans attack the tragedies of Sentai actors vise-versa, but the purpose of this entry was to prove to the Sentai fandom that their insults can also be very heartbreaking.

Once again, PR fans, continue to defeat both PR and Sentai severity. We've united for only that purpose only.


  1. I'm not quite understanding. Are you saying people are just simply criticizing Thuy's portrayal of Trini? Or are people praising the fact that she died?

  2. Trini Kwan didn't remind me of her counterpart in Zyuranger at all. Instead, she reminded me of Mika Koizumi in Bioman and later, Haruka of Maskman. Too bad she had to die because she could put on quite a show against Japan Action Club members in a friendly match.

  3. Did she die still in possession of her v-card???

  4. i wish the original cast of mighty morphin power rangres will have a movie again..