Friday, April 23, 2010

Your Choices For Your Favorite Underrated Seasons

Power Rangers Wild Force had won with 8 out of the 24 votes!
Meh, I'm not really surprised. I'm positive several Sentai fans who visit this blog will obviously choose the most faithful series to Sentai. But who knows? PR fans who love Wild Force?

Power Rangers RPM goes home with 7 out of the 24 votes!

Now I believe more Power Ranger fans had chosen this one. RPM is perhaps my 2nd favorite season of all time, and my positive views of the show are also widely shared by the PR fandom. Good pick, everyone!

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue wins 5/24!

Lightspeed Rescue had the lead in the polls the first two weeks, but than it slowly trailed by Wild Force and RPM. Yeah, seems as though my favorite PR series of all time didn't win. The appreciation you guys gave will cheer me up, hehe. :)

Power Rangers SPD wins 4/24!

I'm not really surprised about this result either... Since it is a Disney season AND by Kalish, I didn't have too many high expectations for this series. But it's good to know some people liked it, lol.

Well, I'm planning to come up with a new blog sooner or later. Many of you will notice that my logo for the blog has temporarily changed. Don't worry, the PRxSentai picture will be back up once I'm finished creating my new blog.

It will be named "DancingAlienDude's Fabulous Films Blog". And yes, Sean, I'd like to ask your permission to take a small bit of your Fabulous Foods blog name.

Anyways, thanks to all fellow PR/Sentai fans for your vote.

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