Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kakuranger and the Alien Rangers

As we all know, the Alien Rangers were the most hated part of MMPR Season 3 by both the Sentai fans AND Power Rangers fans. Had Ninja Sentai Kakuranger's reputation been completely spoiled by Saban's Alien Rangers?

First of all, as you must know, the henshin from Kakuranger and the morph from the Alien Rangers were VERY different. I personally prefered the Kakuranger henshin anyday, since the Aliens' morph was unoriginal and they each sounded like they had soap in their mouths. Even worst adaptations for Kakuranger included the fact that the Alien Rangers had only a few episodes in, and the storyline was CRAP compared to Kakuranger's.

Some things Saban did keep close to Kakuranger was the fact that Ninjaman was not really a ranger, neither could he henshin/morph. The white female ranger was still the leader of the team, and each of the fighting styles were about the same.

IMO, Saban could've had the American rangers change their costumes. Kimberly or Kat would've become white, and Tommy would become red. One of them would have to leave, however, but I would choose Billy since he's been with the team longest.

Also, Alien Rangers was apart of MMPR. MMPR fanboys will also overrate the Alien Rangers due to the fact that it was still apart of Zordon's era and they had close ties with the American rangers.

Kakuranger still continues to be underrated by the PR fandom, sadly.



  1. Well if I'm to say, I didn't like Kakuranger that much compared to Zyuranger and Dairanger. Alien Rangers happened during the time I forsook MMPR for the reason that Tommy and Kim broke up. Shallow am I not?

  2. I had no idea that MMPR fans overrated Alien Rangers. I thought they didn't like them much either, due to how it starred them, and the change in theme song. Interesting.

    Well, I'm assuming this would just come from nostalgia as well. Why do these fans look down on Kakuranger? Probably cause it's different, more whacky, and well just isn't MMPR. The fans feel good towards loving MMPR and the memories they have with it. So much, they really don't want to bother thinking about what other shows out there could be "much better." So this could also stem from laziness to try and like other things.

    How foolish. XD

  3. Well, it's still a bit of common sense that the PR fandom would underrate anything Sentai. Also, it's only from the PR fans I know, who apparantly dislike Kakuranger, which is a huge minority. Don't worry about it too much, FL. :)

    As for Sean, you're one of the first fans who say they prefer Zyuranger over Kakuranger. A majority of Sentai fans had said Kakuranger was quite amazing compared to Zyuranger, which was only decent for them. Interesting.

  4. So, if they decided to use the Kakuranger suits for the Earthen Power Rangers, then that would mean Rocky would become the Blue Ranger, right?

  5. Perhaps. Adam would be black but Aisha would have to take the male yellow ranger.