Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How Power Rangers Samurai will be handled

The latest news/rumors for Power Rangers Samurai are that PRS is going to be very close to Shinkenger. Since it's a new writing staff, it's understandable because they'll get an idea of how the show works. PRS is also going to have two seasons instead of just one, just like MMPR, kinda. There are also going to be some elements from MMPR used, like Skinny Mack and Big Jack kinda being the Bulk and Skull for this season. And since PRS is getting two seasons, maybe Saban Brands can use footage of Shinkenger mini-series Toei has planned for season two depending on the footage.

The names for the Rangers changed. Here are the new names for each Ranger:
Red Ranger - Jayden
Blue Ranger - Kevin
Pink Ranger - Mia
Green Ranger - Mike
Yellow Ranger - Emily
Gold Ranger - Wesley
Rangers' Mentor - Takeru (Homage to Shinkenger anyone?)

Some of you are probably wondering about the Shinkenger/Decade team-up footage. Well, I was told Saban Brands did buy the rights to the footage, but I have no idea what they will do or how they will work.

Personally, I like the idea of having two seasons rather than one for PRS, because then they can plan something totally cool if they decide to adapt Goseiger. Plus, Goseiger is very much good enough for a anniversary theme. I think they purposely set this up, since Goseiger has alot of elements from the MMPR.

-The color scheme (Red, Yellow, Black, Pink, and Blue)
-The suits/helmets/mecha are very similar to the ones in MMPR.
-Master Head is like Zordon.
-Datas is like Alpha.
-The villains are kinda similar.

Hey, they can even make it something like in Space/Lost Galaxy or give off some elements from both seasons. They can even make GoseiKnight a Magna Defender like character. I would totally love to see another Space season again. And depending on how well PRS does, we MAY even see a movie.

If you haven't already, check out for the 145 Days of Power Rangers. Don't forget that reruns of the series start October, hopefully it will be this Friday. :D

Poll Results: 9/29/10

Poll #1 - Sentai vs Power Rangers #2 - Dairanger vs MMPR S2

22 votes for Dairanger
4 votes for MMPR
7 votes for Both
2 votes for Neither

35 votes total. I liked both. MMPR S2 stands as my favorite season of MMPR. Dairanger is...okay. The humor and perverted moments aren't my style.

Poll #2 - Anyone here fond of Kamen Rider?

49 said Yes
4 said they have never watched Kamen Rider
7 said No

60 votes total. I voted yes. This poll was to see how many people are fans of Kamen Rider also. Kamen Rider W is my new favorite Kamen Rider series, just sayin'. XD

Sean Akizuki is Leaving This Blog

Okay it's just sudden but I'm leaving this blog. Why? I feel like that managing one blog after the other is not that easy. I'm not very organized either. And I felt like that having more blogs can also be a bad thing since as of late, I felt like that it's still in good hands. Anyway farewell, sayonara and zai jian. Anyway, to all members of this blog... I hope you do your best.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Thoughts and Speculations on Shinkenger's Adaptation as Power Rangers Samurai as a Sentai Fan

For the first time, this Power Rangers series has a title more straight to the theme as in just "Samurai" instead of the past where it had two words like "Lost Galaxy". Somehow, Saban may be simplifying titles.

So far the names were changed. We have Jayden, Kevin, Mike, Mia and Emily. Cooler than the previous names which were Reese, Baron, Perry, Sadie and Ava.

How do I think it will differ from Shinkenger? Well here are some:
  • Since the red ranger, Jayden, is American so it's most likely he's no shadow warrior and just your American guy interested in martial arts.
  • Although their mentor is played by an American, but in the script he's most likely Japanese. Naming him Takeru may be tribute to the original series. So I think the mentor will not be serving as an attendant to Jayden but the regular Sentai mentor.
  • Probably these guys know nothing about kanji except for the Asian ranger Mia.
  • Maybe and just maybe, Saban will attempt to make it a funny series. Then again, Shinkenger wasn't that serious either.
Other thoughts as a Shinkenger fan:
  • Maybe Asian red rangers just don't click with America. I think that's true so I can understand that.
  • Jayden may turn out to be half-Asian himself. Who knows? Some half-Asian, half-Americans even if their father is the one who's Asian look more American.
  • Mia may become either like Cassie Chan or Trini Kwan in personality.
  • Only if people didn't criticize Trini Kwan's existence as racist, maybe we'll get another Asian yellow ranger with a tough personality that can drive her team crazy. I would actually have preferred an Asian yellow ranger over an Asian pink ranger.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Some Things That Made MMPR More Fun to Watch For Some Time IMO

Here were some reasons why I considered MMPR's fun to watch moments:

The possible chemistry of Jason and Trini. Somehow, although Trini at times would drive her teammates crazy with her aggressiveness, she and Jason seemed to have a chemistry. Too bad though, Austin St. John left for some reason unknown while Thuy Trang had salary disputes with Saban during season two, had enough and quit.

Bulk and Skull- Idiots help make the world go round. Too bad though, they don't have superpowers. I admit I didn't like Skull because he was going after Kimberly and glad that it ended. :-P Of course, campy humor is good. But I admit, MMPR isn't as funny as Go-onger and Carranger IMO.

Tommy and Kimberly- I really continued watching MMPR because of these two and I loved their relationship. Too bad Amy Jo Johnson left the set and later in Zeo, the writers had a stupid dear John letter script rather than keep their long distance relationship, which I might soon write a fan-fic if I really get the time to get them back together. :-P

The relationship of Lord Zedd and Rita as husband and wife in season 2-3. In season two, Lord Zedd started off as a pretty one-sided villain. However when he and Rita Repulsa got married, things started to get rough for the rangers since the two always cooked up schemes that worked better than each one was working alone. Also it meant Lord Zedd was no longer limited to just being a grouchy, brute-force relying monster but also as Rita Repulsa's wonderful husband. Although they never won but the rangers suffered so much stress because of these two. And yup, they've become one of my favorite couples.

Remembering Trini Kwan in Power Rangers

For some reason, one of the most fun things IMO about MMPR back then was Trini Kwan aside from the fact that Tommy Oliver arrived and he and Kimberly Hart started to make the show even more fun. Why? I thought of it that Trini Kwan was kind of more of the typical strong-spirited Asian girl, nature-loving, peace loving yet she is a pretty skilled martial artist which shows she's more than just a pretty face. She was pretty more knowledgeable in martial arts than the rest. Of course, to call her existence racist is stupid. She's a pretty cool character! I kind of compared her not to her Sentai counterpart Boi (who was male) but rather to two Sentai characters namely Mika Koizumi from Bioman and Haruka from Maskman. She was kind of pretty much like them in terms of toughness.

In season one, it seemed she would have a chemistry with Jason Lee Scott, which was quite fun to watch and I was hoping they'd end up together. At times, she had the attitude that seldom drove her teammates nuts with her enthusiasm, but she showed great love for her teammates, even being ready to give her life if need be. Although she was more of the action type, she also had relied on mind over matter in several situations.

In season two, she had a potential chemistry with a guy named Richie which however, didn't push through that much either. It was also that season that she would soon be gone from the set. It was during that season that, the actress Thuy Trang also injured herself during one of the stunts, resulting in an inevitable (but unwanted) lowering down of action scenes.

However the actress Thuy Trang however soon had disputes over salaries, had enough and quit the set soon enough. This resulted in her being replaced by Aisha Campbell, which was somewhat very sad for some fans as she was a very likable character.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Should Saban Adapt Goseiger Or Not?

Looking at the fact that Saban is adapting Shinkenger for 2011's Power Rangers and it's bound to show by next year, which I assume that Goseiger ends and Goukaiger (if that' ever the real 2011 Sentai for the 35th entry), it can be questioned whether or not Saban should adapt Goseiger after his Shinkenger adaptation ends or not since he's one series late already. I mean, after the end of RPM, Disney remastered MMPR in a way that displeased fans that the series is going to be DEAD and Saban will re-air MMPR unedited.

It's just too early to judge whether or not the next series Goukaiger will be adaptable in a sense, that, if the story of Goukaiger will involve a Decade-like story. But then again, it's no problem if Saban can re-secure Judd Lynn for new ideas. For me, well it has to be thoroughly thought of before jumping into irrational conclusions. :-P

If a Goseiger vs. Shinkenger movie will happen, I wonder if Saban can utilize the movie to introduce the Goseigers as allies and not as a series like he did with Kakuranger footage. Maybe not. I don't think Saban would want to do it again.

Poll Results - 9/18/10

Poll - Sentai vs Power Rangers #1 - Zyuranger or MMPR S1

17 said Zyuranger
14 said MMPR
13 said Both
And 2 said Neither

46 votes total. I voted for both. Zyuranger is definitely a good series and while MMPR is just fillers half the time, it's still a pretty good series.

Also, for polls like these, I won't be doing every Sentai either, just for the ones that people might have actually seen. Cause I know that people only like to vote for Sentai because it's the original. But I won't get into that. xp

Wild Force: Saban or Disney season?

Fans tend to mix up whether Power Rangers Wild Force was a Saban season, or a Disney season. And I decided to end this little confusion.

It is, in fact, a Disney season. Let's review how:

Staffers who worked on Wild Force have confirmed that it was an entirely Disney production. Disney bought out Power Rangers during Time Force. The only work Saban did on Wild Force was purchasing the footage from Toei, making a logo, and commissioning a theme song. Above is the logo that Saban copyrighted before Disney bought the franchise.

And here's the one that was used for the show. Saban's logo was used for the merchandise a lot more, which is why people tend to mix up Wild Force as a Saban season.

Wild Force is a Disney FUNDED season PRODUCED by MMPR productions. So it still has Saban remnants despite being funded by Disney. That's why people view it as a Saban season. Many people get confused about this issue because the first half of Wild Force aired on Fox Kids, as part of a contractual obligation that Disney inherited when they purchased the franchise. But every single Wild Force episode credited Disney with the actual production. Disney inherited the existing MMPR Productions staff for Wild Force, so the season "feels" like a Saban-era production, but Disney was footing the bill.

The show had a different feel once Ninja Storm started, because it was produced by BVS Entertainment starting in New Zealand, not by MMPR Productions. I think that's why people mistake Ninja Storm the start of the Disney era.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Parental Guidance Should Be Remembered

Well Power Rangers has caused the controversy of children imitating what they see on TV more than it happens in Japan. Why? It has to do with how American parenting has become- the mother isn't around the house when the children watch TV. Most mothers are just like Timmy Turner's mom Mrs. Mom Turner who are usually "busy" somewhere and leaving their children to irresponsible babysitters. Because of the absence of parental guidance, children tend to think that the rubber suit monsters are real, the obviously fake CGI is real just as the child thinks that the obviously fake mascot in the mall is real. Hmmm... with Power Rangers on Nickelodeon I hope those irresponsible moms wake up!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Does the company name for Power Rangers really matter?

(A.N.) Sorry I hasn't been on in a few days. You see, I start school in exactly 2 days and I've been busy getting things together, getting my schedule, etc. This means that I won't be on a lot anymores. =[

I got inspired to do this post after reading a very pointless and immature thread on Henshin Justice. The question I'm asking is does the company who own Power Rangers really matter? In other words, what's with the Disney hate? Saban hasn't been high and mighty with their run either. They didn't have much great or memorable seasons either.

Let's make this short and simple: Saban's Power Rangers are good. Disney's Power Rangers are good, but not great. But I think people are really underrating and overthinking things WAY too much. People tend to not like Power Rangers JUST because it's Disney. Are people just biased? Is it really necessary to say the F-bomb to Disney?

I think it all comes down to the writers, producers, and actors. It does not matter what company Power Rangers is under. People fail to realize this however. I'm able to say that I like Disney's Power Rangers. There were seasons I loved and are my favorites, seasons I just enjoyed and those seasons that I still liked, but thought could be better. I would gladly watch ANY Power Rangers episode, no matter what season, over other shows. Because Power Rangers is Power Rangers to me.

Now here's another thought that comes to my head. People think that now that Saban is back, Season 18 is automatically great. What if it isn't? Remember that Saban hasn't had great seasons in the past. It's been 9 years. Has Tzachor learned his lesson the first time? People also fail to realize that Jonathan Tzachor is Saban's Bruce Kalish. In other words, he likes to borrow concept from Sentai, he's lazy. And he gets praised so much. Wild Force anyone?

I'm not saying I don't have faith in Season 18. I'm just saying that with Tzachor returning, it's gonna be a 'carbon copied' Shinkenger. I'm still gonna watch it, because like I said, Power Rangers is Power Rangers is to me. And I'll continue to watch Power Rangers no matter what company owns it.

(A.N.) Sorry if I sound like I'm overreacting! I was just so mad at what people were saying in that thread and it really irritated me so I wanted to get it off my mind. Hope no one takes this too seriously! =]

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Power Rangers' Really Hot Men

I just kind of noticed that there have been a few male Power Rangers who are considered to be a major hit with female fans. They are:

Leo Colbert- There were times that he would rip off his blouse before transforming. This was considered to be kind of eye-catching for the women and ridiculous for some.

Ryan Mitchell- He's the first PR only exclusive ranger with no Super Sentai counterpart. He had an evil tattoo that was slowly killing him.

Cole Evans- He was kind of popular too. The first time I saw him, I felt like he would make a good barbarian type character, more than the other two above. He was really that muscular as a guy, he looks like he could rip anyone apart.

Friday, September 3, 2010

In Memory of Thuy Trang From A Power Rangers-Super Sentai Fan

RIP Thuy Trang

Today is Thuy Trang's death anniversary and I feel like posting this:

To Miss Trini Kwan, as a fan, originally just of Power Rangers but now of Super Sentai as well, I don't think a lot of people would be surprised really if they in recent times found out that your Zyuranger counterpart Boi/TigerRanger is male (the real reason for your skirtless costume which was originally Boi's), for before Power Rangers there was the Night Flight parody dub of Dynaman with DynaYellow, of course, being male. I'm sure that even in the early days of your being the Yellow Ranger some people would've recalled the Dynaman spoof (not to mention DynaYellow being of the male gender). Even though you were one of the best yellow rangers around, I also like some of the early Super Sentai yellow rangers, the guys - like DynaYellow as well as your Zyuranger counterpart - as well as the girls - like Five Yellow of Fiveman and Yellow Mask of Maskman and, of course, the two Yellow Fours of Bioman. I had in recent times watched episode 10 of Bioman, where the original Yellow Four Mika Koizumi, also the first female yellow ranger in Super Sentai, tragically got killed with anti-bio particles. I think of you when I watch that episode occasionally, but at least you didn't die the way Mika died. It was hard enough Mika's tragic demise, never mind yours. Anyway, may you, as well as Mika (not to mention other Super Sentai characters like Gai Yuuki/Black Condor of Jetman and Burai/DragonRanger of Zyuranger, the counterpart of your fellow Mighty Morphin Ranger Tommy the Green/White Ranger), now rest in peace.
- James Porter

Let's not make the effort for PR-Sentai peace be in vain.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Differences Between Power Rangers Villains and Super Sentai Villains

Now this crossed my head. Bwahahaha! Enough. Cough. Headache. At last the idea is free from my head and now it's time to write it...

Sentai villains that die usually meet a more tragic and deserving end compared to Power Rangers villains.

In Super Sentai, villains have their own theme song and in some, their own song numbers. Bandora's group was a musical gang of their own. Bandora even had her own catchy theme song "Song of the Witch Bandora".

In Power Rangers, most of the supernatural were changed into aliens in MMPR. It was only in Lightspeed Rescue when supernatural enemies were introduced in the Power Rangers universe.

If any Sentai villain is dressed too sexily (like Zonette and Shelinda), the U.S. doesn't port them over for censorship reasons.

Many Super Sentai villains were downright more evil (and scary) than Power Rangers villains, which may have inspired the dark nature of Lost Galaxy's Trakeena. In fact, we see how evil they are when MANY civilians die in just one sitting. If one saw Zyuranger, Bandora is WAY MEANER than Rita Repulsa!

Also some Super Sentai villains were ported to become simply"guest characters. Shaddam and Exhaus are among the few. Shaddam was just known to MMPR as Mondo the Magician (a monster of the week) and Exhaus was just known as Goldyle in Turbo while in the Japanese version, he was the MAIN VILLAIN.

Differences Between Power Rangers' Girls and Super Sentai's Girls... LOL.

Between Power Rangers and Super Sentai, there are just some differences between Power Rangers girls and Super Sentai girls:

In Power Rangers, we don't see girls wear short skirts that often save for Maya, Jen and Alyssa. In Super Sentai we do. In Power Rangers in the earlier days, Kimberly Hart wore short shorts, not a skirt presumably as not to do any upskirt performances. In Super Sentai, the women's legs were very exposed. In SPD and Operation Overdrive, the women wore pants instead of short skirts.

IMO many of Super Sentai's girls these days look hotter and sexier than most of Power Rangers' girls proving being American doesn't mean one looks better.

In Super Sentai, there were more airheaded female rangers than in Power Rangers. Not even Kimberly Hart got that ditzy nor was she an airhead.

More Sentai girls are seen wearing swimsuits than in Power Rangers in the crossovers, movies or series.

Most Super Sentai girls have a very unfortunate characteristic of becoming a victim of perversity both by the show and the audience. Now we don't see Justin groping Kat as Kou does to Lin do we?

So far no female Power Ranger ever gets to become a bad cook. In Super Sentai, some of their female rangers get to be bad cooks- first there was Juri Nijou a yellow ranger. The rest were pink rangers namely Yuuri, Mako Shiraishi and Eri. I wonder why Power Rangers humor doesn't have this.

Also Super Sentai's female rangers are more prone to funnier moments more than Super Sentai's rangers. Not even Kimberly Hart gets into that much comedy and honestly, Skull's advances towards her, I find it disgusting.

Differences Between Power Rangers' Males and Super Sentai's Males... LOL!

There are some few differences between the male rangers in Power Rangers and Super Sentai. I think these are some of them:

The most obvious might be the attractiveness of Power Rangers males over Super Sentai males. Super Sentai had some attractive males but none of them really had that much of a muscular body. Check out Cole Evans, Ryan Mitchell and Leo Colbert for example. Jason Lee Scott, well he wasn't that muscular but he counts. Ha ha. Can't comment much as a straight male! Although Tetsuji Tamayama is quite handsome, however he didn't have much of a muscular body.

Another of the obvious has to be this- most Sentai males had harder, more brutal especially when they are into out-of-suit action than just the regular civilian action scenes they do. For example, some Sentai males destroyed monsters out of suit. They also get stuck in more sticky situations and tragedies than Power Rangers' males most of the time.

Hyperactivity and impulsiveness are traits more common in Super Sentai's males than Power Rangers' males. I mean, for example Banban Akaza is way more hyperactive (and overenthusiastic) than Jack Landors was. While Jack Landors just didn't do his part in the obstacle course during his earlier stages, Banban Akaza would try to beat the others in it. Besides more Sentai red rangers suffered from that problem too. Genta Umemori is 100x more hyperactive than Gem and Gemma combined.

Not to mention, it's all about the idiotic rangers too. In Super Sentai, idiots are more common in the team than Power Rangers. Think of Skull as a Power Ranger. :-P

The New Power Rangers Cast Looks Promising

I found this picture on Morphin' Legacy and I think there's going to be a LOT of great things to come from these guys. So maybe, some things I wanted to happen didn't happen (life isn't perfect) but I'm seeing these newbies will probably start their career right with Saban's adaptation of Shinkenger.

By the way, if anybody knows anything about them, feel free to comment.