Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Differences Between Power Rangers' Girls and Super Sentai's Girls... LOL.

Between Power Rangers and Super Sentai, there are just some differences between Power Rangers girls and Super Sentai girls:

In Power Rangers, we don't see girls wear short skirts that often save for Maya, Jen and Alyssa. In Super Sentai we do. In Power Rangers in the earlier days, Kimberly Hart wore short shorts, not a skirt presumably as not to do any upskirt performances. In Super Sentai, the women's legs were very exposed. In SPD and Operation Overdrive, the women wore pants instead of short skirts.

IMO many of Super Sentai's girls these days look hotter and sexier than most of Power Rangers' girls proving being American doesn't mean one looks better.

In Super Sentai, there were more airheaded female rangers than in Power Rangers. Not even Kimberly Hart got that ditzy nor was she an airhead.

More Sentai girls are seen wearing swimsuits than in Power Rangers in the crossovers, movies or series.

Most Super Sentai girls have a very unfortunate characteristic of becoming a victim of perversity both by the show and the audience. Now we don't see Justin groping Kat as Kou does to Lin do we?

So far no female Power Ranger ever gets to become a bad cook. In Super Sentai, some of their female rangers get to be bad cooks- first there was Juri Nijou a yellow ranger. The rest were pink rangers namely Yuuri, Mako Shiraishi and Eri. I wonder why Power Rangers humor doesn't have this.

Also Super Sentai's female rangers are more prone to funnier moments more than Super Sentai's rangers. Not even Kimberly Hart gets into that much comedy and honestly, Skull's advances towards her, I find it disgusting.

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