Sunday, September 19, 2010

Remembering Trini Kwan in Power Rangers

For some reason, one of the most fun things IMO about MMPR back then was Trini Kwan aside from the fact that Tommy Oliver arrived and he and Kimberly Hart started to make the show even more fun. Why? I thought of it that Trini Kwan was kind of more of the typical strong-spirited Asian girl, nature-loving, peace loving yet she is a pretty skilled martial artist which shows she's more than just a pretty face. She was pretty more knowledgeable in martial arts than the rest. Of course, to call her existence racist is stupid. She's a pretty cool character! I kind of compared her not to her Sentai counterpart Boi (who was male) but rather to two Sentai characters namely Mika Koizumi from Bioman and Haruka from Maskman. She was kind of pretty much like them in terms of toughness.

In season one, it seemed she would have a chemistry with Jason Lee Scott, which was quite fun to watch and I was hoping they'd end up together. At times, she had the attitude that seldom drove her teammates nuts with her enthusiasm, but she showed great love for her teammates, even being ready to give her life if need be. Although she was more of the action type, she also had relied on mind over matter in several situations.

In season two, she had a potential chemistry with a guy named Richie which however, didn't push through that much either. It was also that season that she would soon be gone from the set. It was during that season that, the actress Thuy Trang also injured herself during one of the stunts, resulting in an inevitable (but unwanted) lowering down of action scenes.

However the actress Thuy Trang however soon had disputes over salaries, had enough and quit the set soon enough. This resulted in her being replaced by Aisha Campbell, which was somewhat very sad for some fans as she was a very likable character.


  1. Nice write-up, Sean. Trini was my favourite character from MMPR. What made the Richie "romance" enjoyable for me was that his name was similar to mine, hehe.

  2. @Thuy Trang Tribute-

    She reminded me of Mika Koizumi in some ways, being free-spirited, hesitant to fight and a skilled martial artist. She had a good chemistry with Jason, almost the same way Mika Koizumi had a chemistry with Gou Shirou in Bioman. Later on, she was a little more like Haruka in Maskman.