Saturday, September 18, 2010

Should Saban Adapt Goseiger Or Not?

Looking at the fact that Saban is adapting Shinkenger for 2011's Power Rangers and it's bound to show by next year, which I assume that Goseiger ends and Goukaiger (if that' ever the real 2011 Sentai for the 35th entry), it can be questioned whether or not Saban should adapt Goseiger after his Shinkenger adaptation ends or not since he's one series late already. I mean, after the end of RPM, Disney remastered MMPR in a way that displeased fans that the series is going to be DEAD and Saban will re-air MMPR unedited.

It's just too early to judge whether or not the next series Goukaiger will be adaptable in a sense, that, if the story of Goukaiger will involve a Decade-like story. But then again, it's no problem if Saban can re-secure Judd Lynn for new ideas. For me, well it has to be thoroughly thought of before jumping into irrational conclusions. :-P

If a Goseiger vs. Shinkenger movie will happen, I wonder if Saban can utilize the movie to introduce the Goseigers as allies and not as a series like he did with Kakuranger footage. Maybe not. I don't think Saban would want to do it again.


  1. It's not worth the bother! Haim Saban (as well as Disney before and after him) has had butchered virtually all the installments of the Super Sentai TV series by using its many footages and its many props while creating his company's own casts of characters and storylines (they are atrociously cheesy and idiotic that many things in such make no sense at all) to create every installment of his franchise, the Power Rangers TV series, which is simply a garbage entertainment. Toei, the Japanese company that is the original creator of the Super Sentai TV series, as well as many other Tokusatsu ones, should not have allowed either Saban or Disney to adapt any of their creations, especially the Super Sentai TV series. If the Power Rangers TV series is made as a live-action show without using any prop or footage of another source (whether it is any one of the Toei's creations or of any others), then the show would be worth it even if it may still be out of Toei's league on that front. Sadly, that's not how such show has been made. To sum it all up, I believe that both Saban and Disney have had benefited financially through plagiarism, as described above, and since Haim Saban has recently regained the ownership of the Power Rangers franchise from Disney, he should really drop it altogether for good unless he and his production company start everything from scratch by creating everything on their own.

  2. the first anonymous needs an enema as this is power rangers union as in a fan website
    I'm glad saban has gotten the power rangers rights back and hopefully they will have spd and RPM retconned to be in flow with the other rangers instead of in the future[maybe even adapting RPM into APM if you've seen Go-ONger](the only excusable one is Time Force as they came from the future, which coincidently has many many similarities Timeranger)
    Saban turning Power Rangers into a true Sentai Adaptation is one of the best things that happen the only thing that grinds me the wrong way is that they should have had a new team for each new zord/power set instead of the reuse of old actors but thats just my view hopefully we'll have all sentai teams adapted with the Gokaiger adaptation and maybe the frickin alien ninja's too will be retconned.

  3. I find it funny that after all this time Saban has yet to make an all original Power Ranger series without the use of Sentai footage. I like Power Rangers and have been a fan since I was a kid but some of the Ranger suit designs are dated and just look terrible by modern standards. With some Sentai shows it's like they put all the effort into the masks and get lazy on the rest.

    I've also seen the costumes of some yet to be used Sentai series, which if Saban even thought of using for PR would basically kill the franchise.

    Saban should have a studio made for everything Power Rangers. The sets, costumes, Zords, cities... all of it! No more Sentai footage!

    I understand this couldn't be done when the show first came out but today there is little excuse. The series has made more than enough cash to have it's own Studio free of Sentai footage. Seriously it's time for an upgrade!

    Plus there has yet to be an animated series of any kind which I find very surprising.

    Also, wtf is with the new Rangers looking like Abercrombie models? I watched an episode of PR Samurai and was like "really?" Something about the whole show turned me off. I understand having one or two people for visual appeal, but all of them??? Not saying they have to be ugly but come on! This does not send a positive message to children.

    Despite what some may think it can deliver the wrong message to kids who may have low self esteem, and look at themselves negatively for not resembling their role models. The original Rangers and a few other Ranger shows did not have this level of requirement for characters.

    It's sad that people can only watch a show if everyone featured looks perfect.

    Correction. Not all shows require visual perfection. I forgot about Jersey Shore where everyone looks like Goldar's afternoon dump. Worst Show EVER!

  4. Anon #3 has a point I thought the same thing when I watched Samurai. They all look like fashion models. I hope one day to see a PR show that has some better costumes for the rangers. Sooner or later Saban will run out of footage and have no choice but to make all new shows.

    If Power Rangers ends because they run out of footage then Saban is an idiot and Anon #1 is right about everything he said.

    - Anon #4

  5. Jersey Shore is a Goldar dump lmao

  6. "I forgot about Jersey Shore where everyone looks like Goldar's afternoon dump." lmfao

  7. Damn thing.if you go after the numbers of pr team's,there are only 17 from mmpr to samurai(with alien rangers).