Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Poll Results: 9/29/10

Poll #1 - Sentai vs Power Rangers #2 - Dairanger vs MMPR S2

22 votes for Dairanger
4 votes for MMPR
7 votes for Both
2 votes for Neither

35 votes total. I liked both. MMPR S2 stands as my favorite season of MMPR. Dairanger is...okay. The humor and perverted moments aren't my style.

Poll #2 - Anyone here fond of Kamen Rider?

49 said Yes
4 said they have never watched Kamen Rider
7 said No

60 votes total. I voted yes. This poll was to see how many people are fans of Kamen Rider also. Kamen Rider W is my new favorite Kamen Rider series, just sayin'. XD

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