Friday, September 3, 2010

In Memory of Thuy Trang From A Power Rangers-Super Sentai Fan

RIP Thuy Trang

Today is Thuy Trang's death anniversary and I feel like posting this:

To Miss Trini Kwan, as a fan, originally just of Power Rangers but now of Super Sentai as well, I don't think a lot of people would be surprised really if they in recent times found out that your Zyuranger counterpart Boi/TigerRanger is male (the real reason for your skirtless costume which was originally Boi's), for before Power Rangers there was the Night Flight parody dub of Dynaman with DynaYellow, of course, being male. I'm sure that even in the early days of your being the Yellow Ranger some people would've recalled the Dynaman spoof (not to mention DynaYellow being of the male gender). Even though you were one of the best yellow rangers around, I also like some of the early Super Sentai yellow rangers, the guys - like DynaYellow as well as your Zyuranger counterpart - as well as the girls - like Five Yellow of Fiveman and Yellow Mask of Maskman and, of course, the two Yellow Fours of Bioman. I had in recent times watched episode 10 of Bioman, where the original Yellow Four Mika Koizumi, also the first female yellow ranger in Super Sentai, tragically got killed with anti-bio particles. I think of you when I watch that episode occasionally, but at least you didn't die the way Mika died. It was hard enough Mika's tragic demise, never mind yours. Anyway, may you, as well as Mika (not to mention other Super Sentai characters like Gai Yuuki/Black Condor of Jetman and Burai/DragonRanger of Zyuranger, the counterpart of your fellow Mighty Morphin Ranger Tommy the Green/White Ranger), now rest in peace.
- James Porter

Let's not make the effort for PR-Sentai peace be in vain.

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