Friday, April 30, 2010

Your Results on Recent Polls; April 30, 2009

5/10 says my new logo is cool while the other half says I need to focus more on Power Rangers Union. Thanks everybody for your support on my logo, but I promise you this will be my main blog.

Please visit my new blog, btw! :-)

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13 out of 14 say they will miss Thuy Trang, the original yellow ranger. Leaving some asshole who voted the choice she could die for all I care.

The purpose of that last choice was to keep track of crude Sentai fanboys who troll my blog. But other than that, R.I.P. Thuy Trang. You'll always be remembered as Trini, the yellow ranger.

3 out of 15 vote MMPR is the best PR season. 11 voted there were better PR seasons. 1Sentai fanboy voted Power Rangers sucks, period. I'll explain my opinions in a later blog.

8/13 Power Rangers fans are offended by the Sentai fandom. While 5 Sentai-only fans and other PR fans voted they don't really care. Yeah, I found it not surprising, either. This is what the blog is meant for, to end the harshness of both franchises.

Thank you all for your votes! Stay tuned for even more Power Rangers blogs! :-)

Oh yeah, Sean is currently winning in the polls. Congratulations Sean for your streak. However, the winner will be decided when voting is closed.

Monday, April 26, 2010

In Search of a New Author For The Union

It is my honor to elect my three most loyal followers of this peace union. It's about time we add another team member for this promotion, and I hope to trust this person he will promote Power Ranger/Super Sentai peace.

I plan to choose between 3 of my Blogger friends. I'll create a poll on who should be best trusted with this new role. These three happen to be loyal Sentai fans, and will guide me in the Super Sentai category of this blog. As Admin of the Power Rangers Union, I proudly present to you the nominees.

Without further ado:

Sean Akizuki

Perhaps one of the most knowledgable Sentai fans on Blogger. His famous Super Sentai blog has gathered plenty of Sentai fans from Philippines, Japan, and America. Not only that, but he has lots of knowledge on Power Rangers before he became a Super Sentai fan.

He's been very considerate while posting in my Power Rangers blogs and I've decided to consider him a possible leader of Sentai/PR peace.

Fantasy Leader

Not only is he a huge Sentai fan, but with the help of me and MegaPurple, we've now convinced him to warm up to Power Rangers. His blog is Valsag Fantasy, a somewhat popular blog which I find quite amazing. I noticed he has a very good personality, realizing in most of his comments he leaves a smile or something nice to say.

I trust Fantasy Leader to an extent he may be a leader in our Union. I hope he continues to promote peace between both amazing franchises.


I've known MegaPurple as Youtube user silgmes from a long time ago. He's perhaps one of the coolest Toku fans on Youtube, and even one of the most creative with his videos. MegaPurple loves Toku, especially Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, and Power Rangers. However, he has a long history dealing with both the Sentai and PR fandom. He taught me that it's best to just leave them be, for if we react to them it's only going to build severe problems between the two shows.

I've known MegaPurple the longest, and I trust him as a true Power Rangers fan. One question for my followers, will he make a good leader for PR/Sentai peace?


Keep in mind, everybody, that I'm only making the poll to see whom the public thinks I can trust the most with the leadership position. Now that my blog has began booming in popularity, I knew I needed a little backup from one of my friends. Remember, I WILL CHOOSE the 2nd-in-command of this blog.

For Sean, FL, and MP:

Please remind me if you don't want to be an author to help me in this Union. I'll take your name off the list. Also, I swear I'm not trying to prove the most popular amongst you. I really believed having a true Sentai fan by my side will help me in the quest for peace between the franchises.

Please don't feel hard if you don't win. I can already tell you this, thanks for being wide supporters of this Blog. :-)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kakuranger and the Alien Rangers

As we all know, the Alien Rangers were the most hated part of MMPR Season 3 by both the Sentai fans AND Power Rangers fans. Had Ninja Sentai Kakuranger's reputation been completely spoiled by Saban's Alien Rangers?

First of all, as you must know, the henshin from Kakuranger and the morph from the Alien Rangers were VERY different. I personally prefered the Kakuranger henshin anyday, since the Aliens' morph was unoriginal and they each sounded like they had soap in their mouths. Even worst adaptations for Kakuranger included the fact that the Alien Rangers had only a few episodes in, and the storyline was CRAP compared to Kakuranger's.

Some things Saban did keep close to Kakuranger was the fact that Ninjaman was not really a ranger, neither could he henshin/morph. The white female ranger was still the leader of the team, and each of the fighting styles were about the same.

IMO, Saban could've had the American rangers change their costumes. Kimberly or Kat would've become white, and Tommy would become red. One of them would have to leave, however, but I would choose Billy since he's been with the team longest.

Also, Alien Rangers was apart of MMPR. MMPR fanboys will also overrate the Alien Rangers due to the fact that it was still apart of Zordon's era and they had close ties with the American rangers.

Kakuranger still continues to be underrated by the PR fandom, sadly.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Your Choices For Your Favorite Underrated Seasons

Power Rangers Wild Force had won with 8 out of the 24 votes!
Meh, I'm not really surprised. I'm positive several Sentai fans who visit this blog will obviously choose the most faithful series to Sentai. But who knows? PR fans who love Wild Force?

Power Rangers RPM goes home with 7 out of the 24 votes!

Now I believe more Power Ranger fans had chosen this one. RPM is perhaps my 2nd favorite season of all time, and my positive views of the show are also widely shared by the PR fandom. Good pick, everyone!

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue wins 5/24!

Lightspeed Rescue had the lead in the polls the first two weeks, but than it slowly trailed by Wild Force and RPM. Yeah, seems as though my favorite PR series of all time didn't win. The appreciation you guys gave will cheer me up, hehe. :)

Power Rangers SPD wins 4/24!

I'm not really surprised about this result either... Since it is a Disney season AND by Kalish, I didn't have too many high expectations for this series. But it's good to know some people liked it, lol.

Well, I'm planning to come up with a new blog sooner or later. Many of you will notice that my logo for the blog has temporarily changed. Don't worry, the PRxSentai picture will be back up once I'm finished creating my new blog.

It will be named "DancingAlienDude's Fabulous Films Blog". And yes, Sean, I'd like to ask your permission to take a small bit of your Fabulous Foods blog name.

Anyways, thanks to all fellow PR/Sentai fans for your vote.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why Power Rangers severity must also be stopped.

I'd like you all to read the following blog linked entry, made by Sean's Sentai blog:

What is Super Sentai

Recently, my friends Sean and FL have been a little upset that I've been too biased on the Power Rangers side with this blog. I've decided to support Sentai in one entry to prove to them and all of my fans the true purpose of this blog.

Onto business, I understand Sentai fans will also be attacked by the really mean Power Rangers fanboys. I AM NOT approving of that kind of behaviour, so please don't get that idea. I also understand that Power Rangers fanboys will also grow very immature to the fact they troll every Sentai video they see. In fact, I know one angry Power Rangers fanboy, who is also a troll. Please comment if you'd also like to see the immaturity of the PR fandom.

Here's one example (my extreme apologies for the swearing in the following quote):

"Except no.

Sentai has always blown. We took a shitty franchise and made it good." (fellow troll, Somedumbassname)

I'm not only angry at the fanboys themselves. But many typical PR fans are purists of the original series of MMPR. Yes, it's true. Several PR fans, MMPR in particular, have always hated and shunned every Power Rangers season after Zeo because they thought it was total crap. They never even took the time to appreciate one episode of Super Sentai...

Please remind me if you are feeling very threatened of the PR fandom to all Sentai fans. With your voice, it brings us closer to finding a solution to the war between Sentai and Power Rangers.

Thank You.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Remembering Thuy Trang Tribute

*NOTE:: I will be blogging less and less these days due to school and friend-related issues.

I look at Trini, the original yellow ranger of MMPR, as also the greatest yellow ranger in PR history. Don't get me wrong, Aisha and Tanya had their moments, but original triumphs for this ranger color.

If some fans do not know, Thuy Trang had portrayed the yellow ranger for the entire first season and half of the season 2. The sad thing was, many Sentai and PR fans had laughed and even complained at the fact that her Sentai counterpart, Boi, was male. Basically Trini was a gender-changed clone of Tiger Ranger, but that's beside the point. She did an outstanding job in the first season, but she sadly left the show due to Saban offering her very low wages and long hours.

She, Austin St. John (Jason), and Walter Jones had all left the series just because of Saban's inconsideration. Why must you do this to us...? Not that Jason D Frank, Johnny, and Karan were bad, but they were highly overcredited compared to the originals. Kimberly and Billy got the credit they deserved.

The worst had come, though... Living only a short 27 years, Thuy Trang and Trini along with her had died of a car accident. The only death by any Power Rangers actor had brought dread to all the fans. (Unless you include Rita's death of Machigo Soga. R.I.P for her, too.)

What more do I have to say? Rest in peace, Thuy Trang.


Well, I made this entry due to not only the devastating moment, but for the very hateful Sentai fans who also bash the actors of PR.

I'm not quite sure if PR fans attack the tragedies of Sentai actors vise-versa, but the purpose of this entry was to prove to the Sentai fandom that their insults can also be very heartbreaking.

Once again, PR fans, continue to defeat both PR and Sentai severity. We've united for only that purpose only.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Common Weapons by the Sentai fandom

NOTE:: Though I think your idea on overrated Power Rangers is really good, Sean, I think I'll focus more on promoting positive Power Rangers opinions since my blog's not very famous yet.

Yeah, I won't deny the fact that Jetman is an amazing Sentai. However, much of the Sentai fanboys who shun PR is because they complain that Jetman is much better than MMPR and all the other seasons. Of course, don't get me wrong, Jetman was much, much better than MMPR but many don't even give a crap to try something new.

Jetman, IMO, is the most praised Sentai of all time. Unfortunately, it is also the reason why the PR fandom is widely hated by Sentai fans.

Dairanger was the secret weapon used by the Sentai fandom to bring down MMPR S2. Dairanger is also the 2nd greatest Sentai of all time. This series was much better than all 3 seasons of MMPR, don't get me wrong. But then again, the Sentai fandom still tried to continue to bash Power Rangers with one of the deepest and most serious Sentais ever.

Sentai fans praised Time Force for being faithful to Timeranger. Not everybody thought this was an achievement for Saban. Some Sentai fanboys will even bash Time Force for not being dark enough to Timeranger, and also complain that Time Force is unoriginal and is nothing but a rip-off of the series. Also, plenty of the Sentai fandom will say that the villains of Time Force were nothing but watered-down cheesy versions of the originals.

WARNING:: I'm afraid I will dissapoint a large number of the Sentai fandom if I write this down, since in fact, it is the most loved show of this generation.

Yep, you're surprised huh? Shinkenger also happens to be the reason several other Sentai seasons are underrated. Shinkenger fanboys (not Super Sentai fanboys) had often bashed RPM because Shinkenger was much deeper and had better characters. Don't forget that Shinkenger-lovers will shun several other of the previous Sentai shows because it was so amazing.

Shinkenger, in my opinion, is really good, but highly overrated.


Readers notes:

Well... I'm expecting this blog to be one of my worst works ever. One, because I didn't put enough work and time into this. Two, I think I listed too many opinions. And three, I'm afraid I hurt the Sentai fandom too much.

As a fan of both, it's hard to stay neutral. I don't know whether this blog hurt the Sentai fandom or overpraised the Power Rangers fandom.

Because of that, I'm sorry if I provoked anybody. But feel free to share your own opinions! :D Just don't criticize me, just my opinions.