Monday, April 26, 2010

In Search of a New Author For The Union

It is my honor to elect my three most loyal followers of this peace union. It's about time we add another team member for this promotion, and I hope to trust this person he will promote Power Ranger/Super Sentai peace.

I plan to choose between 3 of my Blogger friends. I'll create a poll on who should be best trusted with this new role. These three happen to be loyal Sentai fans, and will guide me in the Super Sentai category of this blog. As Admin of the Power Rangers Union, I proudly present to you the nominees.

Without further ado:

Sean Akizuki

Perhaps one of the most knowledgable Sentai fans on Blogger. His famous Super Sentai blog has gathered plenty of Sentai fans from Philippines, Japan, and America. Not only that, but he has lots of knowledge on Power Rangers before he became a Super Sentai fan.

He's been very considerate while posting in my Power Rangers blogs and I've decided to consider him a possible leader of Sentai/PR peace.

Fantasy Leader

Not only is he a huge Sentai fan, but with the help of me and MegaPurple, we've now convinced him to warm up to Power Rangers. His blog is Valsag Fantasy, a somewhat popular blog which I find quite amazing. I noticed he has a very good personality, realizing in most of his comments he leaves a smile or something nice to say.

I trust Fantasy Leader to an extent he may be a leader in our Union. I hope he continues to promote peace between both amazing franchises.


I've known MegaPurple as Youtube user silgmes from a long time ago. He's perhaps one of the coolest Toku fans on Youtube, and even one of the most creative with his videos. MegaPurple loves Toku, especially Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, and Power Rangers. However, he has a long history dealing with both the Sentai and PR fandom. He taught me that it's best to just leave them be, for if we react to them it's only going to build severe problems between the two shows.

I've known MegaPurple the longest, and I trust him as a true Power Rangers fan. One question for my followers, will he make a good leader for PR/Sentai peace?


Keep in mind, everybody, that I'm only making the poll to see whom the public thinks I can trust the most with the leadership position. Now that my blog has began booming in popularity, I knew I needed a little backup from one of my friends. Remember, I WILL CHOOSE the 2nd-in-command of this blog.

For Sean, FL, and MP:

Please remind me if you don't want to be an author to help me in this Union. I'll take your name off the list. Also, I swear I'm not trying to prove the most popular amongst you. I really believed having a true Sentai fan by my side will help me in the quest for peace between the franchises.

Please don't feel hard if you don't win. I can already tell you this, thanks for being wide supporters of this Blog. :-)


  1. I watched Super Sentai and Power Rangers. Okay I admit I like Super Sentai more than Power Rangers, yup that's true but I decided to stop bashing because they're part of Toei.

  2. Aww, thanks DancingAlienDude. Just wanna let you know that you still do a great job with your blog. ;)

    If I don't win, it'll be all right. It's not like it'll be the end of the world. And it's not a popularity thing (which it shouldn't). So all will be good. :)

  3. I feel so touched after reading the part about me xD

    Anyways, I don't care if I get the part or long as it's in good hands, I'm fine. And as long as this blog wasn't getting deleted (which is what I thought when I read the title xP). You made this blog feel like I'm actually proud to be a fan of Power Rangers and Tokusatsu itself.

  4. I kind of think I'm not suited. I think Megapurple who's more of a true PR fan than I am should be the new writer.

  5. Keep in mind, Sean, that MegaPurple is also an intelligent Sentai fan.

    lol, did you not read what I said about you? I really do need more Sentai knowledge in the blog. :D

  6. By the way, I was a Sentai fan before I got into Power Rangers. Before Power Rangers, I watched Maskman and Bioman.

  7. Luckily you don't choose me on this list,otherwise I might ruined your blog.