Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Common Weapons by the Sentai fandom

NOTE:: Though I think your idea on overrated Power Rangers is really good, Sean, I think I'll focus more on promoting positive Power Rangers opinions since my blog's not very famous yet.

Yeah, I won't deny the fact that Jetman is an amazing Sentai. However, much of the Sentai fanboys who shun PR is because they complain that Jetman is much better than MMPR and all the other seasons. Of course, don't get me wrong, Jetman was much, much better than MMPR but many don't even give a crap to try something new.

Jetman, IMO, is the most praised Sentai of all time. Unfortunately, it is also the reason why the PR fandom is widely hated by Sentai fans.

Dairanger was the secret weapon used by the Sentai fandom to bring down MMPR S2. Dairanger is also the 2nd greatest Sentai of all time. This series was much better than all 3 seasons of MMPR, don't get me wrong. But then again, the Sentai fandom still tried to continue to bash Power Rangers with one of the deepest and most serious Sentais ever.

Sentai fans praised Time Force for being faithful to Timeranger. Not everybody thought this was an achievement for Saban. Some Sentai fanboys will even bash Time Force for not being dark enough to Timeranger, and also complain that Time Force is unoriginal and is nothing but a rip-off of the series. Also, plenty of the Sentai fandom will say that the villains of Time Force were nothing but watered-down cheesy versions of the originals.

WARNING:: I'm afraid I will dissapoint a large number of the Sentai fandom if I write this down, since in fact, it is the most loved show of this generation.

Yep, you're surprised huh? Shinkenger also happens to be the reason several other Sentai seasons are underrated. Shinkenger fanboys (not Super Sentai fanboys) had often bashed RPM because Shinkenger was much deeper and had better characters. Don't forget that Shinkenger-lovers will shun several other of the previous Sentai shows because it was so amazing.

Shinkenger, in my opinion, is really good, but highly overrated.


Readers notes:

Well... I'm expecting this blog to be one of my worst works ever. One, because I didn't put enough work and time into this. Two, I think I listed too many opinions. And three, I'm afraid I hurt the Sentai fandom too much.

As a fan of both, it's hard to stay neutral. I don't know whether this blog hurt the Sentai fandom or overpraised the Power Rangers fandom.

Because of that, I'm sorry if I provoked anybody. But feel free to share your own opinions! :D Just don't criticize me, just my opinions.



  1. No offense really. I think I just got inspired to say that to you because I made a list of rangers I liked to overrate from Sentai.


    Bad Ass Rangers

    Anyway I would like to say to compare Maskman and Jetman to MMPR is ILLOGICAL because Jetman is NOT the basis for Zyuranger for crying out loud.

    By the way, I kind of thought about it that Time Force was kind of cool to have Ransik being a tragic character for a villain because he was an outcast which makes him more interesting than Dinero in Timeranger.

  2. I thought this was a fine post. Remember, "overrated" doesn't mean "bad" (even though most people accidentally take it as that).

    I'm not sure if Maskman makes a whole lot of sense to me. From what I've seen, Maskman seems like it's ignored compared to Power Rangers.

    DancingAlienDude, if you'd like, would you like to set this blog up in a way for all of us to add posts to it?

  3. The only one I trust to that extent right now is MegaPurple. Because I've known him the longest and he's a true PR fan from what I know.

    As for Maskman, meh, I don't even know what I put it there either. XD Gotta love the Youtube trolls...

  4. Is there anything I can do to prove myself? Maybe we can chat again?

  5. I know this is off topic, but I haven't comment lately. Oh well, guess I have to stop.

  6. I admit Jetman has been my favorite Sentai, still like it even better than Shinkenger but not much more than Shinkenger.

    By the way, I kind of think about it that there were rumors Saban wanted to adapt Jetman as MMPR- hmmmm... that would have been interesting to have teenagers learn to fly engines rather than just one teenager.

    I have to agree that somehow, some Sentai fans can't understand the reasons why PR is usually less serious because of the environment it's in.

  7. I don't think Maskman is really used to bash Power Rangers. Like Fantasy Leader said, it is ignored by both fandoms when it comes to SS vs PR discussions. Jetman and Dairanger are indeed used to bash the whole PR franchise due to being much darker and violent. Timeranger is only used to attack Time Force, but rarely used to attack other PR seasons. And Shinkenger hmmmm... I think all the praise Shinkenger receives make Sentai fans forget about PR :p

    Those are just my views. Interesting blog though

  8. Thanks, I'll remove Maskman due to the complaints by my fans.

    Jetman into MMPR? IMO, that would be a horrible thing for Saban to do. Unlike Jetman, Zyuranger was only a decent Sentai. Saban had taken a decent Sentai and kept it that way, but Jetman would be totally raped because he wouldn't want the darkness of that Sentai in his series.

  9. Shinkenger is only praised really because it wasn't getting adapted (not now at least). The story was dying by mid 20s-early 30s, that's when the show wasn't good.

    But I agree with everything else, except Timeranger, maybe?

    Can I suggest that you do a post on MMPRv2? How the edits are horrible but some ACTUALLY help the show?

  10. @DancingAlienDude- And maybe that's why he didn't use much of Dairanger either. Jetman and Dairanger were dark series.

  11. @DancingAlienDude- I would like to say that to compare Shinkenger to RPM is STUPID. Why?

    For one, RPM is based on Go-onger so comparing RPM and Go-onger makes more sense than comparing a PR counterpart with a Sentai that's not its original counterpart.

    The same goes for Jetman vs. MMPR. If MMPR was based on Jetman, that would have been more logical. But since MMPR was based on Zyuranger, it makes me wonder why Zyuranger wasn't used to bash MMPR as much as Jetman?