Sunday, September 5, 2010

Does the company name for Power Rangers really matter?

(A.N.) Sorry I hasn't been on in a few days. You see, I start school in exactly 2 days and I've been busy getting things together, getting my schedule, etc. This means that I won't be on a lot anymores. =[

I got inspired to do this post after reading a very pointless and immature thread on Henshin Justice. The question I'm asking is does the company who own Power Rangers really matter? In other words, what's with the Disney hate? Saban hasn't been high and mighty with their run either. They didn't have much great or memorable seasons either.

Let's make this short and simple: Saban's Power Rangers are good. Disney's Power Rangers are good, but not great. But I think people are really underrating and overthinking things WAY too much. People tend to not like Power Rangers JUST because it's Disney. Are people just biased? Is it really necessary to say the F-bomb to Disney?

I think it all comes down to the writers, producers, and actors. It does not matter what company Power Rangers is under. People fail to realize this however. I'm able to say that I like Disney's Power Rangers. There were seasons I loved and are my favorites, seasons I just enjoyed and those seasons that I still liked, but thought could be better. I would gladly watch ANY Power Rangers episode, no matter what season, over other shows. Because Power Rangers is Power Rangers to me.

Now here's another thought that comes to my head. People think that now that Saban is back, Season 18 is automatically great. What if it isn't? Remember that Saban hasn't had great seasons in the past. It's been 9 years. Has Tzachor learned his lesson the first time? People also fail to realize that Jonathan Tzachor is Saban's Bruce Kalish. In other words, he likes to borrow concept from Sentai, he's lazy. And he gets praised so much. Wild Force anyone?

I'm not saying I don't have faith in Season 18. I'm just saying that with Tzachor returning, it's gonna be a 'carbon copied' Shinkenger. I'm still gonna watch it, because like I said, Power Rangers is Power Rangers is to me. And I'll continue to watch Power Rangers no matter what company owns it.

(A.N.) Sorry if I sound like I'm overreacting! I was just so mad at what people were saying in that thread and it really irritated me so I wanted to get it off my mind. Hope no one takes this too seriously! =]


  1. Well, most of the hate towards Disney comes from this:

    1. 4/7 of the seasons were the Kalish seasons. And they were all handled poorly.

    2. RPM was treated terribly, due to the lack of advertisements.

    3. MMPR v2 was made.

    4. While fans did like Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder, they're always being compared to better seasons like In Space, Time Force, and RPM.

    So with these 4 elements, Disney has a pretty bad reputation in the eyes of fans. It's why they are all so angry at Disney. It is indeed immature. But it's also understandable where their hate is coming from. It sure is a crazy conflict indeed.

  2. The difference I see with Saban and Disney Power Rangers is that Saban had a passion for Super Sentai and Power Rangers. They wanted Power Rangers to succeed. To Disney, the largest entertainment corporation in the world, it was just another show and they could care less if Power Rangers succeeded or not. Heck, Disney had to be convinced by a few ex-Power Ranger producers (Douglass Sloan and Ann Austin) who were working for them at the time to keep Power Rangers going after Wild Force. Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder were good, mostly because they were produced by experts in the field. Some of the criticism towards Disney may be immature, but I would also argue that it's well deserved.

  3. @Mr. Smith- I agree with you. Disney's quality of entertainment has really went down. The company used to produce good movies but now, nah. Bruce Kalish's writing is bad, just bad because he keeps rushing things up.

  4. I think I reworded things wrong, what I meant was the real Disney hate is coming from Kalish seasons. Like, I don't think some people realize is that Kalish had some really good and cool ideas.

    SPD was good before Omega Ranger appeared (as a lightball. Perspective is one of worst episodes EVER), after that it's all rushed. Mystic Force was still watchable even if rushed, it had it's moments. Overdrive had some great moments but it's not really liked because of lack of dynamics and Once a Ranger. And Jungle Fury was a quite good season, with a lot of interesting villains and real characters. And let me remind you all how everyone was all gaga over not overusing wire-fu in Jungle Fury. It's sad because Jungle Fury was a fun and cool season. I don't see why people thought of it as one of the "bad" seasons that Kalish has done.

    ...but when you think about it, it's Kalish who treated audience like idiots which lead to many "wtf" moments. RPM definately fixed that.

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