Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fantasy Leader is the new Author of Power Rangers Union!

It took long days of thinking and influencing from the poll to help me decide whom shall become the next leader of the Power Rangers Union. But it's all over now, I've chosen Fantasy Leader to be my second-in-command in helping me promote PR/Sentai peace. Congratulations FL! :-)

And thank you, MegaPurple and Sean, for your wide-support for my blog. :-D Your support is also appreciated.


I wasn't totally biased on just Fantasy Leader. I would've made Sean the leader, due to him being #1 in the polls. Sean however, agreed he wouldn't make the best leader having not the most knowledge of PR. I can promise you, though, both MegaPurple and Sean will make excellent sidekicks.

Then again, folks. This was NOT a popularity contest. I hope not only to continue to bring peace between the franchises, but also bring unity amongst my friends. Thank you, everybody.

Be prepared for even more fascinating blogs by me and Fantasy Leader! :-)


  1. Congratulations Fantasy Leader- you'll do a better job that I would.

  2. Whoa. Didn't see this coming. I thought I only had one vote?

    Thank you Sean. But hey, I think we all do a pretty good job at this sort of thing. ;)

    Anyway, I will continue to help this blog to the best of my abilities.

  3. Did you get an invational e-mail, FL?

  4. Yeah. I got it. I'm all set. Thanks ;)

  5. Y don't you go ahead and make your first entry here?

  6. Congratulations FL. You're going to do a great job with this blog along with DancingAlienDude :)

  7. Haven't been on lately to check out what's been going on, but congrats FL! I look forward to future posts. :D