Sunday, May 2, 2010

Some Unique Characteristics in PR Villains. (Disney)

Master Org is the first and perhaps the best villain within the Disney arc. He had an enormous history with Cole (Red Ranger) according to his history. Having killed his parents and along with many to follow, Master Org proved to be one of the top villains in PR history. Having Cole forgive him in the end of Wild Force marked a merciful event for the Disney era.

I found Lothor to be more on the comical side of Power Rangers Ninja Storm. But the fact that Cam (Green Samurai) was actually related to the main villain of this series made it more intense within the plot. Not to mention the rangers' mentor, Sensei, was Lothor's younger brother. Lothor lacked a Sentai counterpart.

Mesogog had the most significant motivation amongst PR villains. Rather than wanting to take over or destroy the world, Mesogog actually wanted to convert the world back into the age of dinosaurs. Having a brief rivalry with Tommy (Black Ranger) and family relationship with Trent (White Ranger) made it even harder for the Dino Thunder Rangers to face him off. Mesogog also lacked a Sentai counterpart, making him somewhat more unique.

Emperor Grumm was rather like Lord Zedd in the later series' of the Zordon arc. But before he became comical towards the end of SPD, he was actually enormous rivals with the Rangers' mentor, Doggie Kruger. Grumm had destroyed Kruger's home planet and almost taken his wife!! Once again, Grumm lacked a Sentai counterpart.

((The rest of the Kalish seasons will be skipped due to poor quality of the series' overall.))

Venjix was a perfect villain for RPM. If you had seened the movie
Jaws by Stephen Spielberg, you would think he'd be an unstoppable force just like the shark had. You'd also get nostalgia from the Terminator, because Venjix had very close relations with SKYNET. Venjix is perhaps one of the the best villains within the Disney era. ((EDIT ME IF I'M WRONG IN SOME AREAS, I DIDN'T FINISH RPM YET.))

Correct me if I'm wrong, but did Tenaya have any kind of relationships with Dillon (Ranger Black) in RPM? She was an intense rival to Dillon in the first half of RPM. She had also been very serious throughout the series, trying to avoid to smile. Almost capable of hijacking the rangers, she became the mastermind of the Venjix Virus.

I had done more opinions in this blog since I haven't been watching many Disney series'. Also the fact I kinda rushed my thinking, too. I may not be 100% accurate in my facts, but I'd love to have you edit any mistakes I made.

Please share your opinions. :-)


  1. Lothor was funny.

    Mesogog was really cool. I just loved his character. (I swear, I bet deep inside, he secretly loves Tommy :P )

    I know you skipped the Kalish seasons, but I did think Dai Shi was pretty cool. :)

  2. I don't know a lot about Dai Shi. But I know he was much better than Imperius and Flurious from the previous two seasons.