Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saban's New Season? Shinkenger?

Recently there've been rumors going around that Haim Saban had been given the rights to make a new PR season. However, it's also argued whether he will use Samurai Sentai Shinkenger (2009 Sentai series) or Tensou Sentai Goseiger (current airing series). A lot of Power Rangers fans are proud to have a new season, while Sentai fans are more of mix-minded. Meh, some will love it and some will not... Lets talk about this right now.

Seeing as though I didn't find Shinkenger to be to enjoyable, I think it would actually find it possible for a PR counterpart. Sentai fanboys can shut the hell up about Shinkenger being "OMG ITS TOO JAPANESE FOR PR". Well, PR actually did a great job with Ninja Storm and surprisingly half-decent with the Alien Rangers.

Well, yeah they weren't really good seasons. But how could it possibly make Shinkenger's adaptation any different. Possibly if Saban had Judd Lynn involved in the new season of Power Rangers, Shinkenger's Power Rangers will be as good or even better than the original.

Now suppose it turned out good. Should we be expecting a movie if Saban takes this serious enough?

Since I haven't seen a single episode of Goseiger yet (I had been focusing on anime and tennis recently), it's impossible for me to make a Goseiger side of this story.

I'll base my opinion on Fantasy Leader's, that is, if he still even knows this blog exists. Please make a blog for your opinions on Goseiger and PR, FL. And please be more active.
But other than that. Please give your opinion on this blog. Polls will be up very soon. Remember to vote! :)


  1. If Saban makes use of Shinkenger, I expect the following things:

    *The first Asian red ranger- Saban just needs to be careful he doesn't make the red ranger too much of an eye catcher like he unintentionally did with non-whites especially Asians because they are the most outstanding like how Trini Kwan tends to overshadow the rest.
    *A rather not so dark story, maybe some campy humor to avoid the show from becoming too dark because a show can get spoiled if it's too dark.
    *Maybe a romance between the red ranger who's Asian and a pink ranger who's white.

    As for Goseiger, well I think it's time to resurrect Zordon and rebuild Alpha Five, well I kind of thought that I hope Saban doesn't get tempted to use an all Asian-American cast though. :-P

    By the way, I hope you can comment on this entry:

    If I Made Shinkenger and Goseiger into Power Rangers

  2. I don't care which is getting adapted (hopefully Shinkenger) but I'm just psyched about the new season! Shinkenger really let me down and so far Goseiger is I'm really looking forward to this new season. Hearing that Saban bought back Power Rangers and producing a new season really makes my year!

    Sadly, Tzachor is returning...and I heard Judd Lynn was too. Hopefully they both settled their disputes and work together properly. Call me crazy, but I wouldn't mind Eddie Guzelian producing another season. He did a fantastic job with RPM.

    I also heard that a movie is being produced, as well as a video game and new toys.

  3. I apologize for my absence. I was moving things around due to the end of college. Though I really should've had more posts by now. I'll get a ton of posts putting up this evening.

  4. Are you sure these are rumors or it's already official?

    Well, to be honest, I'm not really looking forward to this new 18th season. Although I'm actually glad that Saban regained it back after my dislike toward the Disney seasons (yep, that includes RPM, with the exception of Dino Thunder)However, I really want to know which season is going to be adapted, Shinkenger or Goseiger?

    For those saying Shinkenger is too japanese to be adapted into PR. Sure, Shinkenger might have the most japanese elements ever implied in a sentai season, but I actually find that season adaptable, and by that I mean that they can change or replace all those elements with their own original ideas. Well, that means that Shinkengers might get altered a lot if adapted into PR, unless Saban actually decides to keep all those Japanese elements like the characters (mojikara), the Lord-Subordinate dynamics,etc
    (Note, I'm not using Kakuranger and Hurricanger as examples because: one, very little of Kakuranger was used in season 3, and both seasons don't really look very japanese compared to Shinkenger)

    But I personally believe Saban is going to use Gosei instead of Shinken, not because Shinken is too Japanese, but because Goseiger is the newer show.

    Well, it seems that the only thing we can do now is ask ourselves how PR is going to turn out in the new season, and create more rumors XD

  5. i actually happpy the power ranger is back and is not impossible to adapt shinkenger