Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Poll Results: 5/26/10

Shinkenger prevails 12/17 over Goseiger for your choices on Saban's brand new season. You never know, though.

"Power Rangers forever!!" ends with 8/21 of the votes. 2/21 believed it should've ended with RPM. 11/21 believe they're happy only because Saban is back. Hmm... Wouldn't be surprised if lots of Sentai fans were on this blog.

3/14 claimed Disney to be offensive to Asians. The other 11 said they're not. Meh, paranoid Sentai fans who hate on Disney probably voted Disney was racist. To be honest, lots of Sean Akizuki's followers believe the same way. =/

14/20 people say MMPR is overrated. I would agree that's enough votes for the series. After all, the one season is one of the reasons later Power Rangers were underrated.

6/22 voters say they grew up with both Sentai and PR. 1 said they grew up with Sentai only. The last 15/22 grew up with Power Rangers only. My conclusion is probably because of the majority of Americans on my blog won't even know what Sentai is to begin with while growing up.
Once again, followers, my deepest apologies for not being online often. My final exams are in 2 weeks and I must prepare for them as much as possible.
Thanks for your support, however. :)


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