Friday, May 21, 2010

Shinkenger fans vs 00's Era Sentai fans

I will probably not be active for a very long time. Until Summer Vacation starts here in the US (for my foreign fans), expect less and less blogs from me. Don't worry, as long as the blog remains than Power Rangers and Super Sentai will never go against one-another (in our grounds). :-)

The hype for Shinkenger had been far more annoying than the Jetman hype had reigned during the 90's. Why is that? Shinkenger had been so "great" a Sentai and surpassed fans' expectations after they had seen the supposed failure of Go-Onger. Go-Onger had not been a bad Sentai, actually. However, Power Rangers RPM fanboys and Shinkenger fanboys both had their share of underrating the series.

I will admit the fact the cast of Shinkenger was amazingly memorable. The characters were amazing, and most were dynamic throughout the series. The only problem which caused this to suffer somewhat is the entire story was circled around Takeru Shiba, ShinkenRed. Furthermore, he is perhaps the one of the only Sentai heroes wielding an armor very similar to the Power Rangers battelizer. Fanboys will love it, but average Sentai fans will disagree on the use of Hyper ShinkenRed.

The mecha wasn't the best either. The origami idea, from the point of view from many Sentai fans, had been corny for them. Many fans of Super Sentai claimed some of the mecha wasn't necessary, and the overall layout of the robots could do with improvement. Not that the overpowering of the mecha is bad, but many want to know "Why would they need this?"

Also, Shinkenger fans had overrated the show due to the Kamen Rider Decade crossover. It wasn't bad at all, but there've been much better crossovers in Sentai history. The most memorable being "Gaoranger v. Super Sentai" and "Boukenger v. Super Sentai" were all amazing crossovers from TV Japan.

A typical Sentai fan who enjoys the 00's Sentai shows will probably choose either Timeranger or Gekiranger as the best. Due to their more original ideas and lack of the corniness. They would also take more time in watching every series before making the conclusion. Shinkenger would be one of the best, but yet the fans of the one show fail to realize several other Sentai series' hold much similar features.

Shinkenger, however, had been a very appealing show to many Sentai fans who've been close to abandoning their interest. Which is not a bad thing, and Shinkenger could perhaps be the reason why Goseiger is getting enough attention. The only down side was other Sentai series' were shunned due to Shinkenger's popularity.


  1. I never found the whole, story focusing on Takeru a problem. Seeing as how he's the main character, and that Red is often the main character. Plus, Red usually gets the most focus. But regardless, I still felt that the entire cast of Shinkenger all got their fair share of spotlight in the season. And yeah, Shinkenger definitely has one of the best casts of all time! :D

    Instead, the only problem I have with Shinkenger is that it goofed up in the middle of it's run (eps 28-38). They clearly took this time to halt the story and show off a ton of new merchandise. REALLY bad idea. And yeah, the mecha were terrible. I loved the first five. The first five IMO were unique and I loved the origami concept. Plus, they were the only mecha that actually seemed like origami. The others that appeared later just seemed like a bunch of random stuff to tack on to Shinken-Oh. And Shinken-Oh was awesome. :D I also liked Ushi Origami. That was a fun mecha arc. Other than the pointless middle, Shinkenger had an awesome begging and end, with a very well wrapped up story, which mustn't be missed by Sentai fans.

    But it's not really surprising that Shinkenger was so popular. Since it succeeded Go-onger, which was greatly looked down upon by fans. Especially since it succeeded Gekiranger (which was also popular). I'm pretty sure all this massive hype is because Shinkenger was so recent. I wouldn't be surprised if the hype for the 35th anniversary season overpowered Shinkenger's hype.

  2. I don't find Shinkenger the best series. It was a good series. However I prefer Dekaranger as my favorite 2000s Sentai, Jetman for my 90s Sentai and Maskman for my 80s Sentai.

  3. I think the only reason Shinkenger is praised more than it should be is because it wasn't getting adapted, but now it is. I've noticed a lot more people have discovered Super Sentai and Shinkenger because of Power Rangers' "cancellation." Shinkenger is the first Sentai for a lot of people. And I think that's why it's praised too much.

    I will admit this, the cast/characters are definitely one of the best and Shinkenger started out excellent and kept it good until the 20s and early 30s. I did like the first eight origami.

    I didn't even like the crossover with Decade. I can't explain why, but there was something I didn't like. My favorite crossover would be Gaoranger vs Super Sentai.

    I've seen every Sentai from 2000s, and my favorite of them all would be Boukenger. It had much better villains and story. The mecha didn't have useless plots and were seen more often than Shinkenger and even Go-Onger. And Sakura/BoukenPink is my favorite Pink Ranger aside from Yuuri/TimePink. She's so pretty! :D

  4. Well...whether or not the Shinkenger fans are "over-rating" the series is subjective...we all have different opinions & preferences after all.

    I have watched some of the Sentai series from the 90's to 00's, including the 2 latest Go-Onger & Shinkenger. I have to say that Shinkenger is definitely among the best Sentai series I've seen in a while! Yes, I'm a firm Shinkenger fan, I felt the characters & casts of Shinkenger are so memorable & the storyline was so interesting.
    But I will agree that like any series, there's always going to be some flaws, so Shinkenger definitely had its flaws too. But overall, it's a great series, no wonder it's so popular!

    As for Go-Onger...well, I don't think it's only the Shinkenger fans who are "under-rating" Go-onger...I heard Go-onger did pretty badly in the ratings, so I'm sure people used that as a indication that it was a "failure".
    So I doubt it's just about the Shinkenger fans "under-rating" the series...because the ratings for Go-onger pretty much suggested itself that it did not do as well as it was expected. Of course that doesn't necessary mean that Go-onger was a "bad" just did not do as well as expected among the viewers.

    Unlike Shinkenger did, yes all the hype surrounding it was a bit too overwhelming, I myself, as a Shinkenger fan, admit that. But it is just so popular, and it fared much better among the viewers than Go-onger did...and I think that fact contributed to all the hype surrounding Shinkenger.

  5. I like this movie, I like Kamen Rider Decade vs Shin Ken ger.