Saturday, May 8, 2010

3 Reasons (more coming soon) Why Disney's Power Rangers IS NOT racist to Asians.

Sorry for not blogging in a while, but I've had some serious stuff on my shoulders lately.

(No offense, Sean.) But a lot of whiny fans on Sean Akizuki's Super Sentai Blog used to have complained much about Disney showing hate towards Asians. As an Asian, myself, I take no offense to it. I also have very good reasoning why they're not racist AND they're not portaying Asians as idiots.
Furthermore, Power Rangers is not the only TV show to portray other races as such.

1. Ashley Tisdale, a famous blonde actress for Disney, is often portrayed as a "dumb blonde" in many of her shows. High School Musical and the Suite Life of Zack and Cody, for example, both portay her the same way any Asian in Power Rangers would.

2. Had anybody forgotten about Boom and Chip? Both PR actors are white, and are often portrayed as nuisances and sometimes a comic book geek. Boom, especially, is an overweight character of SPD who acts like a pathetic wannabe ranger. Does that not go the same for Gem and Gemma?

3. Now for those who say that Disney has never had an Asian lead role. This has nothing to do with Power Rangers, BUT... Jake Long from American Dragon, a popular Disney show, is part Chinese and white. He's often portrayed as a kick-ass fighter and dragon who kicks major butt. Of course, he can be an annoyance from time-to-time, but does that make him different from the other kinds of humor from the show?


Please support your opinions as long as it doesn't bash mine. All I'm gonna say.
Also, my reasoning may not be the best. So if you ever find another reason or one reason should not be here than please state so.
Also, as a fan of Super Sentai, also, I am in no means bashing the fans. Only pointing out some important details in areas. I am also not racist or are attacking any ethnicity in particular.



  1. Power Rangers has been accused of racism every since MMPR S1. If Power Rangers was truely racist (rather its Saban or Disney), then I wonder why every team is multi-ethnic?

  2. @Mr. Smith- MMPR got accused of racism only because Zack was a black man, black ranger and Trini was a yellow lady, yellow ranger but there was NO racism. Both were very likable characters that when they left, some fans felt a huge part of the show fell apart.

  3. Agreed, Mr Smith. Trini being yellow and Zack being black is hardly even racist. People don't really give a crap on the color of the rangers, as long as they're most memorable is the whole purpose.