Saturday, May 1, 2010

PR/Sentai fandom Statistics

To start this off my first post, I thought I'd go over what the PR and Sentai Fandoms are made up of, with this graph I made. For Power Rangers, the fandom is divided up into five major groups. We've got the MMPR fans, the Zordon Era fans, the MMPR-Wild Force Fans, the fans that like everything in PR, and finally we've got the Tommy fans. For Sentai, there are the fans of the current century seasons (Gao-Gosei). And then there are the fans of the seasons in the previous century (Go-Time). And to be even more precise, fans of the pre-Zyuranger sentai (Go-Jet). Then there's fans of all Sentai. Finally, there's the group that loves both Power Rangers and Sentai.

I made this graph to show how divided the fans were, and that there would be specific reasons as to why each division bashes each other. If we can get rid of these lines and merge the spaces together, it'll bring us one step closer to getting even more peace amongst the fandoms.

click to zoom

This graph here, shows what we would like to accomplish. I was trying to be realistic with this, though I think I still stretched it a bit. XD


  1. I'm rather impressed by this first entry, FL. Keep up the good work!