Monday, July 12, 2010

If Power Rangers Should Cross the Norm

I was thinking on what could happen if Power Rangers crosses certain norms...

An Asian red ranger- In the past, Power Rangers featured Asians as the "backbone" of the group which even puts the leader in balance (ex. Kai to Leo) or the bad-ass (ex. Trini) but never the leader which I think is plain understandable why. Well I think that an American lead whether black or white is more appropriate for Power Rangers though seeing it's an American show but then again, it's nice to deviate sometimes. A fluent in English Chinese may do the job. But of course, don't expect to see it often. This would be good only for a Shinkenger adaptation IMO.

Or maybe the more "Manga" look. We haven't had that in Power Rangers haven't we?

Add more humor than usual between rangers. Well Saban has had the habit of using the whites (more than the blacks) as all purpose cast members while blacks and Asians were usually the "cool characters" IMO maybe to promote them in a positive image. IMO if Saban gets to use a pink ranger bad cook, he might get a really gorgeous white lady for the job to prove looks can be deceiving. IMO Rin Takanashi does look like she's only half-Japanese. :-P

Maybe a half-breed ranger. Saban didn't cast anybody as a half-breed if I'm not mistaken. Looking at it, Trini Kwan was pure oriental without a mention of mixed heritage (but American-Chinese marriages are now getting common), Zack Taylor was portrayed as more than half-African (but his actor Walter Jones being African-American, he may have white ancestors along the way) and none of the Asian cast members were said to be half-breed. In Sentai in a supposedly all Japanese team (multiracial is hard to do IMO), there were some half-breed rangers like Peggy in Goranger (half-Swiss), Karen in JAKQ (half-American), Ryu and Lin in Dairanger (both half-Chinese) and Jiraya in Kakuranger (half-American). If you ask me though, Lin looks like she's a Eurasian. :-P

Or maybe we can have this kind of scene. Probably not.

I don't know about this... hee hee...


  1. I would like to see Power Rangers have a scene like the Boukenger gun scene with Sakura and Natsuki. Its funny how Power Rangers is ridiculed by American parents for being too violent and yet some of Disney's movies that are aimed at lower age groups have their share of death and violence and get no complaints.

  2. @Mr. Smith- The problem in America has to be that parents are just super duper neglectful like Timmy Turner's parents in Fairly Oddparents.

  3. Anime hair on PR? Seen some in Time Force.